February 10th, 2020

Featured in this news update:

– LSK has a new USDT trading pair
– Lisk Builders program, open call
– Lisk Desktop available in Polish and Dutch
– GNY Launches a Machine Learning tool in AWS Marketplace
– New tools released by Lisk delegates
– Delegates’ overview and #HeroesNotZeros


LSK has a new USDT trading pair
Binance opened trading for LSK/USDT pair. LSK has a daily trading volume equals to $50 million and it is listed on many exchanges: Kraken and Bitvavo have LSK/EUR pairs, but Binance immediately became the most liquid market for USDT (24-hour volume of $5+ million).


Lisk Builders program, open call
Apply for the Lisk Builders program and receive a one-time grant up to 5000 CHF: https://lisk.io/builders-program


Lisk Desktop available in Polish and Dutch
Minions and przemer  translated the Lisk wallet in Polish language: https://github.com/LiskHQ/lisk-desktop/pull/2756
While waiting for the official version, an unofficial wallet (for Windows) with the Polish translation has been released: https://github.com/S3x0r/lisk-desktop-PL/releases/tag/v1.24.0-pl2
Similarly, Lemii worked on the Dutch translation for Lisk Desktop. You can view the pull request here: https://github.com/LiskHQ/lisk-desktop/pull/2768
Or download the unofficial release: https://github.com/Lemii/lisk-desktop


GNY Launches a Machine Learning tool in AWS Marketplace
GNY, a decentralized machine learning platform, announced the launch of a new tool designed to allow businesses to check the AI-readiness of their data. The GNY Data Diagnostic analyzes a dataset and returns a detailed analysis of the data, highlighting what a company needs to exploit machine learning solutions. This makes ML affordable, even for small and medium-sized companies. The technology is planned to be applied to Lisk blockchain.

New tools released by Lisk delegates
Bioly released a CLI tool for making airdrops in Lisk blockchain: it is possible to share the prizes proportionally to accounts stake or set a fixed amount for each recipient: https://github.com/biolypl/lisk-airdrop
On the other hand, ThePool released a network stress tool, compatible with lisk-sdk 3.0.1: https://github.com/thepool-io/ldice-stresser


Delegates’ overview and #HeroesNotZeros
According to LiskMonitor, this week Elite gained globally 13 million LSK, GDT +5.5 million LSK and Sherwood +1 million LSK. Moosty, lemii, liskmagazine and korben3 reached a forging position.
At individual level, the biggest individual losses came up for iii.element.iii [-3.7M], adrianhunter [-5.9M], joo5ty [-2.8M], blackswan [-2.1M], lwyrup [-4M], crodam [-3.6M], zy1349 [-3.9M], philhelmuth [-2.2M] and carolina [-2.3M].
The most voted delegates are: endro [+3.3M], robinhood [+2M], moosty [+6.6M], lemii [+5.5M], liskmagazine [+5.2M], korben3 [+5M], liskpoland.pl [+2.2M], minions [+900k], gym [+2.7M], jong [+2.8M] and prolina [+1.6M].
It is still possible to receive 2 free LSK, exploiting the 1 LSK refund by GDT here and the 1LSK refund by minions (if you vote the “Heroes” list, no action required).
Read more about the campaign #HeroesNotZeros in the dedicated article: “Heroes Not Zeroes: the Campaign to Push Deserving Delegates

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