February 24th, 2020

Featured in this news update:

– Six new LIPs released by LiskHQ
– Crypto Embassy is working on a “Metamask for Lisk”
– Lisk ranked 4th in a crypto rating list
– Delegates’ overview and #HeroesNotZeros


Six new LIPs released by LiskHQ
Lisk researchers proposed four LIPs on the Lisk research forum about the roadmap objective “Introduce universal serialization method” and two LIPs related to “Introduce an authenticated data structure”.

  • The first proposal’s main improvement is a generic way to serialize messages, used for accounts, transactions and blocks.
  • The second, third and fourth LIPs define how the generic serialization algorithm will be applied to accounts, transactions and blocks and specify the appropriate JSON schema.
  • The fifth LIP defines a generic Merkle Tree structure and a format for proof-of-inclusion that can be used in different parts of the Lisk protocol.
  • The sixth LIP proposes to remove the payloadHash from the block header and include instead the Merkle root of the transactions included in the block payload.

Crypto Embassy is working on a “Metamask for Lisk”
The team announced to work on a project that includes something very similar to a Metamask for Lisk. They are building the project with TypeScript, with plans to open source it. The Idea is to have an extention ready with nice UI/UX and have a working integration with lisk wallet and lisk-sdk.
The project is divided in 2 parts: an embeddable widget and its web extention, to enable massive onboarding for the crowd.


Lisk ranked 4th in a crypto rating list
The Center for Information & Industry Development of China has ranked Lisk in 4th position out of all blockchain projects, based on technology, applicability and creativity.
Browse the list here: link.


Delegates’ overview and #HeroesNotZeros
According to LiskMonitor, this week only GDT gained globally 10 million LSK, no huge variations in the other groups.
At individual level, the biggest individual losses came up for iii.element.iii [-360k], adrianhunter [-300k], joo5ty [-380k], lwyrup [-280k], crodam [-300k], zy1349 [-280k], philhelmuth [-200k], liberspirita [-270k], carolina [-230k], bloqspace.io [-320k] and prolina [-320k].
The most voted delegates are: all the delegates in positions 47-101, in particular liskpoland.pl [+1.5M] and gym [+970k].
It is still possible to receive 2 free LSK, exploiting the 1 LSK refund by GDT here and the 1LSK refund by minions (if you vote the “Heroes” list, no action required).
Read more about the campaign #HeroesNotZeros in the dedicated article: “Heroes Not Zeroes: the Campaign to Push Deserving Delegates

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