March 17th, 2020

Featured in this news update:

– Lisk Foundation’s Financial Update (February)
– Top third-party multi-currency wallets
– Monthly GDT bounty for top Lisk PoCs
– Max Kordek interviewed by Japanese crypto youtuber
– Lisk magazine launches a LSK charity fundraising for Coronavirus
– Delegates’ overview

Lisk Foundation’s Financial Update (February)
According to the report, the Foundation holds € 5.1 million and CHF 2 million. In addition, it owns 2,776 BTC, 62,000 GBYTE and 8.9 million LSK (no changes in crypto assets since the last report). This means that the total assets correspond to about $ 30 million.
In February the Lisk Foundation received € 958,000+ from Lightcurve GmbH due to old open receivables.
In relation to the monthly expenses, the picture below summarizes the costs linked with each department:


Top third-party multi-currency wallets
LiskHQ released a blog post, featuring the most trustworthy wallets  with the best user experience, that can be used to store LSK and other cryptocurrencies. As non-custodial wallets they chose Exodus, a desktop and mobile wallet which supports LSK and over 100 other cryptocurrencies; Atomic Wallet, a wallet which offers built-in atomic swaps and supports over 500 cryptocurrencies; Guarda Wallet, a open-source web, desktop and mobile wallet which supports over 80 cryptocurrencies.
Two suggested custodial third-party wallets are: Abra and Bitpanda.


Monthly GDT bounty for top Lisk PoCs
Moosty, on behalf of GDT, announced to start a monthly fund, up to 2000LSK for each project, to finance the development of Lisk POCs.
There is no focus on a specific theme and GDT will choose the best project every first week of the month. The chosen project needs to be finished in 4-6 weeks after the announcement. Projects already selected by LiskHQ builders program are not elibigle.
Apply now:


Max Kordek interviewed by Japanese crypto youtuber


Lisk magazine launches a LSK charity fundraising for Coronavirus
Due to the recent pandemic, that affected a large part of the world, Lisk Magazine launches a LSK charity fundraising to support efforts to face coronavirus emergency. The address for donations is: 2465489296398248582L (proof of ownership).
The received amount will be exchanged in BTC using an instant exchange, to fund the project launched by Italian Red Cross “COVID-19 Advanced Medical Post for Pre-Triage in Italy“. Proof of donation will be provided via Twitter.


Delegates’ overview
According to LiskMonitor, this week the most significant change happened for GDT, that lost globally 23 million LSK.
At individual level, the most voted delegate is only liskpool_com_01 [+575k].
The biggest individual losses came up for all delegates in position 47-102, except for the mentioned above and
It is still possible to receive 1 free LSK by minions (if you vote the “Heroes” list, no action required).

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