March 30th, 2020

Featured in this news update:

– New LIP about numbering schemes for transaction types
– Lisk ranked 1st in CryptoMiso 3-month activity report
– Javascript confirmed as a trending programming language in 2020
– Delegates’ overview


New LIP about numbering schemes for transaction types
Nazar Hussain, LiskHQ backend developer, proposed a LIP on the Lisk research forum  about a consistent versioning system for transaction types in Lisk Core, that may also be used in the SDK for custom transaction development.
This versioning scheme links unequivocally a transaction type with a specific transaction schema, validation and execution logic, to facilitate code maintenance and compatibility with third party services. In addition, this versioning scheme has to ensure that transactions confirmed in previous protocol versions cannot be replayed in the current or any future version.

The transaction type numbering scheme works as follows: every transaction type will reserve the range of 100 integer values and for each change in a particular transaction type, the type value will be incremented by one. As reported in the LIP: “For example, balance transfer transaction will start from 100 and if there is a revision that happens to it as per the above rules, we will change the type property of said transaction type to 101, then 102 and so on. This way, each value of the type property represents a separate and independent transaction type for the protocol, but semantically we can identify which transaction types are revisions of some other transaction types.

The following table specifies the transaction type values that will be used for the protocol.


Lisk ranked 1st in CryptoMiso 3-month activity report

Despite the shift to remote working, LiskHQ is working a lot on code development, more than any other cryptocurrency in terms of commits. This pushes Lisk in 3rd position in 6-month timeframe and in 2nd position if we look for the past 12 months (source).


Javascript confirmed as a trending programming language in 2020
RedMonk tracks the most popular programming language using data from GitHub and Stack Overflow and they dropped their first quarter bi-annual report. With no surprise,  the number one programming language in this quarter is JavaScript. According to this ranking, other top languages are Python, Java, PHP, C# and C++.


Delegates’ overview
According to LiskMonitor, this week there have been no significant changes in delegate positions, as both the groups received a proportional amount of votes: Elite gained 15 million LSK, while GDT gained near 10 million LSK.
At individual level, all 101 forging delegates received new votes and the most voted delegates are elevate, moosty, lemii, liskmagazine,, with about +400k LSK.
The biggest individual losses came up for standby delegates, such as blackswan [-122k], iii.element.iii [-119k], joo5ty [-131k], adrianhunter [-126k] and delegates in lower positions.
It is still possible to receive 1 free LSK by minions (if you vote the “Heroes” list, no action required).

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