April 13th, 2020

Featured in this news update:

– LCU launches the first Lisk Builders Community Online Meetup
– Lisk Foundation’s Financial Update (March)
– Two new LIPs proposed by LiskHQ
– LiskHQ enhances the Bug Bounty Program
– Lisk DEX latest updates
– Delegates’ overview

LCU launches the first Lisk Builders Community Online Meetup
Due to Covid issue and the need of social distancing, Lisk Center Utrecht launches a 1-hour event designed to increase the engagement inside Lisk community and share experiences & ideas. Community members can share what they are working on, pitch ideas, or ask questions to each other.
In addition, Jackson will present Moracle project, a toolkit that empowers developers to provide data to Lisk SDK decentralized apps without the use of a centralized oracle.
The first event will be hosted on Thursday, 16th April, at 5 pm CEST time zone.
Join the online meetup.

Lisk Foundation’s Financial Update (March)
According to the report, the Foundation holds € 4.1 million ( – € 1 million compared to February’s report) and CHF 2 million. In addition, it owns 2,776 BTC, 62,000 GBYTE and 8.9 million LSK (no changes in crypto assets). This means that the total assets correspond to about $ 35 million.
In relation to the monthly expenses, the picture below summarizes the costs linked with each department:

Two new LIPs proposed by LiskHQ
LiskHQ researchers proposed two LIPs on the Lisk research forum, related to the protocol roadmap objective “Introduce decentralized re-genesis”.
The first LIP defines a new block asset schema that allows to specify an initial state of accounts and an initial delegate list. This block schema is used to define a decentralized snapshot and hardfork process, which is the main goal of the “Introduce decentralized re-genesis” roadmap objective.
The second LIP defines a snapshot mechanism that can be used to perform a hardfork on the Lisk mainnet, as all Lisk mainnet nodes can independently compute the snapshot block at the same time.

LiskHQ enhances the Bug Bounty Program
In November 2018 LiskHQ announced the Lisk Bug Bounty program and now they introduce new categories to classify the bounties. The Lisk Bug Bounty program is still solely focusing on Lisk Core releases for the Mainnet and Betanet.
To file a report, use the submission form here; submitted vulnerabilities and bugs should be described in the most detailed manner as possible.

Lisk Bug Bounty payout table

Lisk DEX latest updates
Jong is working to improve the DEX, both on UI and core part. According to the update, he implemented a new decentralized price history chart, made the app work on mobile devices and added a mechanism to create new blockchain wallets from the sign-in screen. In the core part, he implemented a decentralized update mechanism and a new way to customize the DEX dividend/reward distribution function.

Delegates’ overview
According to LiskMonitor, this week there were again no significant changes in delegate positions: Elite lost 2.3 million LSK and GDT lost 1.5 million votes.
At individual level, the most voted delegates are: lemii [+232k], liskmagazine [+247k], 9up.io [+156k], liskpoland.pl [+266k], korben3 [+207k], gym [+198k] and jong [+181k].
The biggest individual losses came up for standby delegates, such as blackswan [-314k], iii.element.iii [-318k], joo5ty [-276k], adrianhunter [-310k] and delegates in lower positions.
It is still possible to receive 1 free LSK by minions (if you vote the “Heroes” list, no action required).

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