May 4th, 2020

Featured in this news update:

– Huobi supports LSK staking
– Korben, next speaker of LCU Online Meetup
– Public announcement of the patched Lisk Core 2.1.6 release
– Delegates’ overview


Huobi supports LSK staking
After Coincheck and Binance, Huobi is the third big exchange to introduce LSK staking service.
In contrast to the previous two services, that share directly LSK rewards, Huobi shares HuobiPool Token (HPT) to voters. HPT allows users to participate in the distribution of the rewards gained by HuobiPool through staking different cryptocurrencies.
Stake LSK brings 2.45 HPT per 100 LSK and there is a 200% income bonus.
How To Lock & Mine Lisk on Huobi Pool to get HPT rewards.


Korben, next speaker of LCU Online Meetup
After the presentation of Dani L Alves, the next speaker will be delegate Korben, that will explain Global Data Chain. This is a Lisk-based sidechain Proof of Concept that can be used to store scientific measurements. We featured this project in this old article.
Join the online meetup.

A lot of events are organized by LCU and Moosty team, that today were also rewarded as the first winner of the Lisk Builders program for April. They will receive a grant worth of CHF 2,500 in LSK tokens. Their project “Recurring payments” aims to create a blockchain application that supports recurring payments between two parties.
Korben is the second winner of the Lisk Builders program for this month with his project “Decentralized Organization Chain”, that intends to be a blockchain application allowing startups to receive funding and investors to influence company decisions.


Public announcement of the patched Lisk Core 2.1.6 release
On 28th April, LiskHQ released a patch that fixes a bug within the P2P system of Lisk Core. As delegates and node operators on Mainnet and Testnet updated quickly their software, LiskHQ released more information about the bug.
The bug was founded by delegate GYM, that submitted it through the Bug Bounty program.
Lisk Core patch:
Lisk SDK patch:


Delegates’ overview
This week there was an issue in LiskMonitor and the previous data have been lost. For this reason, only 24-hour time frame is available but it is not significant to highlight most and less voted delegates.
We would like to thank community member frakilk for his periodic and useful work to update the website.
It is still possible to receive 1 free LSK by minions (if you vote the “Heroes” list, no action required).

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