June 29th, 2020

Featured in this news update:

– Three more epics closed by HQ. Lisk SDK 5.0.0 is every day nearer to release
– Weekly Lisk Community Meetups reach the 10-events milestone
– LiskHQ presents BINARYSTAR
– Delegates’ overview


Three more epics closed by HQ. Lisk SDK 5.0.0 is every day nearer to release
In a series of announcements, Max Kordek, President at Lisk Foundation, published some updates about the latest epics closed by developers. They implemented in total 54 issues, consisting of:

  • the banning mechanism, to prevent unproductive delegates from forging;
  • a generic serialization library to encode and decode data for communication and storage;
  • the removal of undo logic related to transactions, that previously were required in case of a blockchain rollback.

Eight epics remain to be implemented.
The LiskHQ’s commitment is proven by metrics: according to CryptoMiso, Lisk is ranked third in the 3-month most active blockchain projects on Github and holds first position on 12-month timeframe.


Weekly Lisk Community Meetups reach the 10-events milestone
Launched in mid April by Moosty and hosted by LiskCenter, weekly Lisk community meetups gained traction and few days ago the group hosted the 10th event.
This time the speaker was Anonimowy891, a community member that in the past showed his passion for Lisk by developing funny projects (here his latest initiative).
Watch the Anonimowy891’s speech.

LiskCenter is looking for the next speakers, so if you are working on Lisk-based projects or you are a community member that would like to interact with the meetup attendees, feel free to reach @Raphael | Moosty#4689 in Discord.


LiskHQ presents BINARYSTAR
One month ago LiskHQ announced a new partnership with BINARYSTAR and now they publish a blog post, releasing more details about the type of collaboration and what we can expect from that.
In comparison to Lisk Center Utrecht, that has been built by core community member Moosty group to target local developers’ ecosystem and to release new projects based on Lisk, this partnership enables LiskHQ to target developers that already work in blockchain/crypto world. This is considered as a starting point to establish again a Lisk’s outpost in Japan and to get connected with international blockchain projects that are located there.
Traction will be achieved through the supply of marketing materials and the organization of meetups; in addition LiskHQ translated the What is Lisk page in Japanese.
The editor of Lisk Magazine gets the chance to personally thanks Lisk Japan and Minions for the periodic translations of these articles in Japanese and Polish, making Lisk more accessible and move closer to local communities.


Delegates’ overview
According to LiskMonitor, in the past week there was a moderate change in delegate positions: Elite gained 4.2 million LSK and GDT gained 2.8M votes.
At individual level, the most voted delegates are: vipertkd [+158k], liskpoland.pl [+268k], gym [+255k], jong [+224].
The biggest individual losses came up for carbonara [-66k], blackswan [-99k] and standby delegates in lower positions.
It is still possible to receive 1 free LSK by minions (if you vote the “Heroes” list, no action required).

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