October 12th, 2020

Featured in this news update:

– Lisk Foundation’s Financial Update (September)
– NFT Tokens on Lisk, a use case presented during #WeAreDevelopers
– Roundup of LiskHQ-related news
– Delegates’ overview


Lisk Foundation’s Financial Update (September)
According to the report, the Foundation holds € 2.46 million ( – € 440k compared to previous report) and CHF 1,53 million ( – CHF 60k compared to previous report). In addition, it owns 2,400 BTC ( – 275 BTC), 62,000 GBYTE and 8.8 million LSK. This means that the total assets correspond to about $ 43 million.
In relation to the monthly expenses, the picture below summarizes the costs linked with each department:

Financial Update September spendings


NFT Tokens on Lisk, a use case presented during #WeAreDevelopers
Nazar Hussain, Senior Backend Developer at LiskHQ, introduced the Lisk SDK and showcased how it is used to build a blockchain application in JavaScript during the WeAreDevelopers conference.
WeAreDevelopers hosted its second series of webinars and online events, after the success of the first edition with more than 12,000 participants and 40+ speakers.
Watch the Nazar’s presentation here.
Nazar introduced the features integrated in Lisk SDK 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0, that will lead to the final released version. As a proof of that, he announced that in one year LiskHQ has produced 850+ issues, 790+ Pull Requests and 30+ LIPs.
The explanations were very technical and the focus of the first part was the showcase of the three core achitecture traits: the flexibility of the on-chain architecture, the integrability of the off-chain one and the openness of the communication architecture.

During the slide showed above Nazar specified that the use cases supported by the SDK will be only the ones in the upper areas, because the initial version of the SDK will not support Smart Contracts as we know them. Other developers could build more modules and provide smart contract behaviours but the released SDK will not have those modules.
He also presented how to build non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a topic that is getting traction in crypto ecosystem, describing the passages using this demo.


Roundup of LiskHQ-related news

  • U.today interviewed Max Kordek about Lisk roadmap and his personal views of crypto industry.
  • A new Lisk Improvement Proposal ‘Introduce transaction properties moduleID and assetID‘ was just merged on GitHub.
  • Jurre, part of Moosty delegate, is the winner of the Lisk Builders program for September 2020. He will develop the PoC of a blockchain-based ticket marketplace, to track the tickets and prevent fraudulent ticket resales.


Delegates’ overview
According to LiskMonitor, in the past week there was a small change of votes in delegates’ landscape: GDT gained 1.2 million LSK and individuals gained 600k votes.
At individual level, the most voted ones are: liskmagazine [+119k], lemii [+124k], liskpoland.pl [+117k], jong [+136k].
The biggest individual losses came up for stellardynamic [-78k], acheng [-87k], grajsondelegate [-109k], panzer [-98k], mac [-88k], crolisk [-86k], bilibili [-89k], liskpool_com_01 [-102k], and delegates in standby position.
Voting for Hosts, it is possible to receive 1 free LSK by minions (no action required, just vote the list).

If you have never made a transaction from your LSK wallet, initialize your account!

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