October 25th, 2020

Featured in this news update:

– LiskHQ unveils the plan for Lisk Mainnet migration
– 18 straight meetups for Lisk Center Utrecht
– Delegates’ overview


LiskHQ unveils the plan for Lisk Mainnet migration
In this article, LiskHQ analyzes the complexities of the future hard fork that will make Core 3.0 live. Thanks to the new genesis block format implemented in Lisk SDk 5.0.0, the upcoming genesis block will be more efficient than the genesis block of Lisk Mainnet in 2016. The previous one cointains the transactions sent to ICO participants (more than 8,000), resulting to be very large. In the next one, instead of creating many transactions, there will be an initial state that will include token holders. Nodes will be abe to compute trustless snapshots to identify accounts, their balances and other account properties as well as the top 103 delegates.
Once that the new chain will be launched, old delegates will forge for 7 days and after that deadline, only delegates that collected votes with the new consensus will be eligible to forge blocks.

On Friday 23rd, Jan Hackfeld, Head of Research at LiskHQ, answered to community questions related to Lisk Mainnet Regenesis.
He confirmed that there is not a releasing date yet, as we have to approach the betanet and testnet phases; migrating the testnet with the new regenesis approach could be a good test to check the proper functionality of the fork.
It’s interesting to know that the most challenging LIP for Jan was the Lisk-BFT LIP, as there could be many edge cases and it’s complex to simulate the evolution of the network during malicious behaviours.

Read more: Lisk Mainnet Regenesis


18 straight meetups for Lisk Center Utrecht
On Thursday 22nd, LCU organized his eighteenth Lisk-focused meetup. This time the guest was Woza Labs, a company that is developing a smart and simple product to connect private chains to public blockchains. They started to focus on generating very specific products that solve real and daily problems and now they are going to turn the first Lisk PoC into a real application, reshaping the food market.
Fit Market is the name of the PoC and it is a e-commerce project for a healthy food store, aiming to offer more transparency to its consumers regarding food, sustainability and processes.
The Fit Market concept consists of seven custom transactions that allow to register markets, producers and products on the blockchain.
You can read the blog post here (Building the Fit Project) or watch the livestream here (Woza Labs – Fit Market).


Delegates’ overview
According to LiskMonitor, in the past week there was a huge change of votes in delegates’ landscape: GDT lost 35 million LSK and individuals lost 72M votes. The cause is probably related to a 1-million LSK transaction that, according to Lisk Whale Alert, is considered as an internal Binance transaction (to the Hot Wallet, that is not voting for delegates).
At individual level, only joel, crypto_embassy, przemer, jesusthehun, dav1, anonimowvy891 and lemon have a positive balance compared to the previous week [+10/20k].
All active delegates lost about 900k-1M, so it is not meaningful to list the biggest individual losses.
Voting for Hosts, it is possible to receive 1 free LSK by minions (no action required, just vote the list).

If you have never made a transaction from your LSK wallet, initialize your account!

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