December 30th, 2019

Original article in Lisk Magazine

Featured in this news update:

– Global Data Chain’s updates
– Chronicler has now a public testnet
– Lisk Magazine’s giveway
– Awesome-lisk classifies Lisk initiatives
– Delegates’ overview and #heroesnotzeros

Before starting with the news, we wish you happy holidays and a Happy New Year!

Global Data Chain’s updates
Delegate Korben released the first picture of Global Data Chain, a decentralized Sidechain PoC based on Lisk that allows storing sensor data on the blockchain. The blockchain backend is build with the Lisk SDK and the frontend using React framework. Both are written in JavaScript.

It can be used for storing various scientific measurements worldwide, such as global temperatures, radioactivity, rainfall, carbon dioxide levels.
Try it here:



Chronicler has now a public testnet
Sidechain Solution has made the Chronicler Server code public, so it launched the public testnet of Chronicler project. It is possible to download the code from its Github repository and start forging. Early adopters will be rewarded, according to the announcement.
Useful links:
Explorer –
Sidechain Solutions/Chronicler Discord –


Lisk Magazine’s giveway
Lisk Magazine launched a giveaway on its Twitter profile, rewarding 2 lucky winners with 20 LSK each. 80 people joined the contest, a promising result considering that it lasted only 30 hours and it was during the weekend.


Awesome-lisk classifies Lisk initiatives
Thepool introduces awesome-lisk repository, to collect and classify community hubs, projects and tools related to Lisk. It has been designed for developers, especially with further developments with lisk-sdk.
If your project or link is omitted or described wrongfully, submit issue or pull request to linked repository.


Delegates’ overview and #heroesnotzeros
According to LiskMonitor, this week there was a moderate shake, lower than the previous week.
At group level, Elite and GDT gained respectively +2.2 million LSK, while Ascend gained +1.8 million.
At individual level, the biggest individual losses came up for adrianhunter [-1M], iii.element.iii [-950k], liskpool_com_01 [-500k], philhelmuth [-700k], joo5ty [-670k], blackswan [-500k], carolina [-200k], Crodam [-800k], lwyrup [-630k], zy1349 [-715k] and [-400k].
The most voted delegates are: moosty [+1M], lemii [+1M], korben3 [+1.1M], liskmagazine [+1.1M], [+975k], minions [+925k], gym [+1M], jong [+1M], prolina [+620k].
Read more about the campaign #heroesnotzeros in the dedicated article: “Heroes Not Zeroes: the Campaign to Push Deserving Delegates

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