March 11th, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

The Future in Focus

The future in focus is a new blog post series by LiskHQ in which they have a interview with promising blockchain projects. The first project in the series is MADANA (Market for Data Analysis) which recently also was the first project to receive funding out of the pioneers vault. The MADANA project allows everyone to participate in a fair data market while protecting privacy by design. Jennifer Tekneci sat down with co-founders Christian Junger and Dieter Schule to give the Lisk community the chance to learn more about MADANA. This first post of the series gives a lot of good information on the history of MADANA, the vision of the founders, what problems MADANA wants to solve and where the founders envision MADANA to be in 5 years from now. If you are interested in investing in some of the future Lisk sidechain projects and their ICO’s then I would suggest reading this blog post about MADANA. And even though LiskHQ makes it clear that they don’t endorse projects that are interviewed for the series I would still suggest keeping an eye out for the Future in Focus blog posts as more future sidechain projects will most likely feature them!

Lisk Community Update

As February is already behind us it’s once again time for a Lisk Community Update. The blog post contains a update on development, marketing, community and the company it also features the Lisk Relaunch event and the next steps for Lisk. The development update talks about the teams focus on getting Lisk Core 1.0 completed, the new Lisk Hub and Full Stack developer Shusetsu Toda joining the team. The marketing update features some of the amazing videos the Lisk team created, the succes of the Lisk Academy and Lisk Community Growth for February 2018. The Media update shows the huge attention the Lisk Relaunch event got with 15 media placements and 116 media mentions. Lisk featured on crypto websites like : CoinDesk, IBTimes, PR Newswire, ValueWalk, Crypto Ninjas, and BitsOnline and in the days following the Lisk Relaunch event many Lisk team members held interviews with different crypto Youtube channels and other media. The community update gives some information about the new Lisk events page and the cool new wallpapers I talked about in last weeks edition. There also where some big company updates such as Lisk being listed on Bitindia when it launched and Lisk receiving an invitation to join The company update also contains a short introduction on two new members who joined the team in February and some information about the new company wide meeting that will occur once a month. Even if you are fully up to date on all that happened in February then blog post can still give you a nice recap and reminder of all the hard work and progress that is being made by the team.

Crypto Fiend interview

This week Lisk community manager Mat Piaggi gave an interview to the Youtube channel Crypto Fiend. The interview starts with Mat telling abit about himself and his background in startups. Followed by a nice elevator pitch about Lisk and him explaining what an average day at LiskHQ looks like. They then talk about the Lisk Relaunch event and the partner company’s that are helping Lisk in achieving their goals. The interview continues with Mat talking about Lisk’s products and their news names, how Lisk wants to help get new people into coding and creating and where the Lisk token will get it’s value from. Mat also answers some questions on the current and future development focus and what some of the upcoming events for Lisk are in 2018. At the end of the interview Mat explains what it is that makes the Lisk team unique and what the end goal is for Lisk. Which we all know is grow the Lisk ecosystem and platform and make blockchain available for everyone around the world. I believe this was the first interview I have seen from Mat and I must say he did a good job. If you have not had a chance to watch the interview then make sure you do, as it will give you some real insight on what is going on in the Lisk headquarters following the successful Relaunch event.

Lisk integrated with Pantos

A couple of days ago LiskHQ announced that Lisk will be integrated with Pantos which is the first multi blockchain token system created by Bitpanda. Pantos aims to solve the blockchain fragmentation problem by enabling sustainable collaborations between projects and common technical standards. The team is developing Token Atomic Swap Technology (TAST) for their system which will enable close realtime cryptocurrency exchanges between different blockchains. Pantos will release their own PAN token users can then quickly transfer funds in order to exploit emerging price differences between platform tokens. If you are interested in Pantos then make sure you keep and eye on their website. As in about 9 and a half days ICO will start in which 40% off the total token supply will be sold to early investors.

New Lisk Team Members

This week LiskHQ welcomed 3 new team members which where hired by Lightcurve to strengthen the team. These new team members are Pablo was hired as a Frontend developer, Celina who will be the new LiskHQ office manager and last but not least Michał who is also a Frontend developer.

Future Lisk Exchange Listing

A couple of weeks ago I reported on Lisk being in the race in many different voting contests. One of these was the contest by future crypto exchange In a poll they asked the crypto community which top 5 coins/tokens they would like to see being listed on the exchange once it goes live. The Lisk community once again showed it’s strength and Lisk eventually finished in 4th place with 19387 votes. And by going so got an invitation to join eucoin, the site however did mention that if by some reason the integration does not go smoothly they will not be able to integrate the cryptocurrency on their platform. But if all goes well we will be seeing Lisk joining this new exchange in the future.

We are happy to announce that thanks to the sponsorship of the GDT delegate pool we can host yet another giveaway contest. This time it’s a photo challenge in which you can win up to a $1000 in LSK tokens. We also have some runner up prizes which are $500 in LSK for the second place finisher and $250 in LSK tokens for third place. All you need to do to enter the contest is find a nice scenery and take a picture with the logo in it. Below the image you write in what country/area you have taken the image and what you are showing. Please do not forget to also add your wallet address so that we know where to send the LSK tokens if you are a winner. Make sure you post your entry before the 17th of March 12:00 CET, you can sent in as many photos as you would like but only 1 person can win 1 of the 3 prizes.

We also have the poll results of our previous contest : the Lisk Art challenge. And the winners are : in third place tedd1185 who won $100 worth of LSK tokens, in second is rafal who won $300 in LSK tokens and the winner of the contest is darkkatarsis who won $500 in LSK tokens! The entire team would like to congratulate the winners and thank everyone for joining and by doing so making it yet another fun and succesfull giveaway on!

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