March 18th, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Lisk Berkley Meetup

Yesterday afternoon the second Lisk university meetup took place on the university of California, Berkeley. Lisk delegate Edward Trosclair (StellarDynamic) gave a presentation which was centered around the rapidly moving world of blockchain technology and how Lisk is looking to solve the major issues and topics surrounding scalability and blockchain advancements. More information on how this university meetup went and how many attendees it had will most likely be posted soon on either Lisk’s Twitter or the Lisk USA website.

Lisk Core 1.0 Alpha (Pre-Release)

Last Thursday the Alpha pre-release version of Lisk Core 1.0 was announced. This first Alpha pre-release version is for quality assurance testing and is not a fully functional version yet. It will be used by the team for internal testing to first iron out the obvious bugs and missing features. At the time of writing this roundup Lisk Core 1.0 already has over 4000 commits which is truely immense. With this Alpha pre release version the team has reached a major milestone and is showing that they are working as hard as they can on making their set deadline.

Lisk’s Code Audit Rating

A couple of weeks ago I reported on Lisk being ranked first in a code review by a top Chinese tech influencer. After this report in January the Darpal Rating team received a lot of feedback and after making some adjustments they have now released their report for February. This time the code audit has a 133 blockchain projects which all have a high popularity and marketcap. The good news is that Lisk is still ranked first with 714 type A1 commits in February. They also got the highest rating of 5 which only 3 projects out of a 133 received. Most of the Lisk community already knows that LiskHQ is working hard and always pushes to deliver the highest quality products. It is however especially great to see an independent review team rating Lisk’s development and quality as one of the best out there as well.

The Lisk Hub

During last months Lisk relaunch event the Lisk Hub was introduced. The Lisk Hub is a desktop and web app which contains a dashboard, wallet, the explorer and delegates and multi-account management. This week LiskHQ released a blog post in which they explain how the Lisk Hub release cycles will work. Lisk’s normal product development approach is that when even just one of the new features is delayed, the entire release is delayed. For the Lisk Hub the release cycles will work differently as they will be on a more regular basis. LiskHQ decided to go with more regular releases to bring new features to the Lisk community earlier. This means that if for example one new Lisk Hub feature is not ready then that feature will be postponed till the next version is released. The blog post also contains the release of the Lisk Hub version 0.2.0 and some of the new features that we can expect for the Lisk Hub in the future.

Meet the Lisk Academy

At the moment there is a real hype surrounding cryptocurrencies and this often leads to people being misinformed about what blockchain technology is. Lisk believes its the responsibility of those who understand the technology to pass along this knowledge to the new adopters. This is why with the release of the new website LiskHQ also released the Lisk Academy. The Academy is a over 69.000 words free educational platform on blockchain technology. The Lisk Academy was created to help anyone access and understand the power of blockchain. This week Lisk Academy lead Jacob Kowalewski released a blog post in which he explains exactly why it is so important to help people understand what blockchain technology really is. The blog post also gives a good introduction on how the Lisk Academy works and how it can teach you to explain explain blockchain technology to others after just ten minutes of reading. If you haven’t visited the Lisk Academy yet then make sure you first read Jacob’s blog before you do as it will give you an idea on all the things the Academy can teach you.

This week we are again hosting a fun challenge on, this time it’s an estimation challenge. We would like you to give us your best guess to following question : How many wallets do you think have between 10 LSK and 100.000 LSK tokens in holdings? The person that replies with the closest answer will win $100 in LSK tokens, please make sure you also leave your wallet address in your reply. The rule for this challenge is that you can only participate once and that only your first answer will count. We will use the exact number on monday 19th of March at 17:00 CET so make sure you enter your guess before that time.

We are also happy to announce that the Lisk pending tool has gotten an upgrade. The tool is now even faster than it already was and it now also includes a “black-out coverage”. You might think what’s a black-out coverage? Well, up until now, the pending tool has been completely reliant on each delegate’s site/tool being up 100% of the time. At times, this has meant that the pending amount from a delegate was temporarily unavailable. Now, even if a delegate’s tool goes down for a period of time, you’ll still be able to retrieve all of your latest pending amounts!


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