March 25th, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

An Interview with Lisk’s Cryptographer

Last Friday LiskHQ released a blog post in which Jennifer Tekneci sat down with the first member of the Lisk science team : Cryptographer Iker Alustiza. The conversation starts with Iker telling a bit about his background and how his love for Mathematics and Physics led to cryptography. During conversation Iker gives his insights on many different topics such as why people should care about decentralization and blockchain, how he would you describe Lisk and what he thinks makes Lisk different from other blockchain projects. They also talk about his roll in the Lisk team and what he is currently working on. The blog post is not all work related as they also talk about what he likes to do in his spare time and what skills and technologies he hopes to learn or improve upon. I personaly liked the “interview” a lot as gives a look into the life of someone with the not so average job of being a cryptographer

Blockchain Token – What is it?

This Wednesday the Youtube channel Blockchain WTF released a new episode of Blockchain Token – What is it? and this time it covers Lisk! The short 2 minute video gives a good introduction to Lisk’s vision, sidechains, Dapp’s and what Lisk’s future use cases are. So if you are new to Lisk then, this video can get you up to speed on the project in a fast way!

Cryptocurrency Australia Interview

This week Lisk community manager Mat Piaggi gave an interview to the Youtube channel : Cryptocurrency Australia. The interview starts with Mat giving a short introduction about himself and how he got involved with Lisk. During the interview Mat talks about the amazing Lisk community, how engaged the community members are and how everyone wants to contribute to the project. They talk about the leadup to the Lisk relaunch, and the overwhelming amount of feedback and positive responses the team got from the community after the event. Mat also explains the goal of the new Lisk Academy and the future plans the team has to expand it even more. They also talk about the how Lisk platform stand out from the competition, how easy it will be for people to create their own sidechain and whats in store for Lisk in the near and long term future. This was once again a very informative interview on Lisk and all that they are working on, so if you have a spare 30 minutes I would definitely recommend watching it.

Lisk Team Attending Token2049

This week seven members of the Lisk team flew to Hongkong (China) to attend the largest digital asset event in Asia : Token2049. During their stay the team had several press interviews and promoted Lisk by handing out some of the new Lisk merchandise. Co-founder of Lisk Max Kordek was one of the featured keynote speakers during the event and he also took part in an impressive panel lineup to talk about Blockchain and its application today. More information about the teams trip to Token2049 will most likely follow in a blog post once the team has returned to Berlin.

Lisk Meetups

At the moment there are a lot of Lisk meetups being hosted all across the world. Last week the Lisk Berkeley university (USA) meetup took place, during the meetup delegate Edward Trosclair (StellarDynamic) gave a presentation to a crowd of around 40 highly interested and well educated blockchain enthusiasts. The attendees ranged from newly interested all the way to creators with blockchain plans meant specifically for Lisk. Edward his presentation took an in-dept look at blockchain scaling changes and outcomes, and the approaches Lisk is taking to solve those challenges. This last Friday the yet another Lisk university meetup was held at the university of Minnesota. More information about this meetup will hopefully follow in next weeks roundup!

Today another Lisk meetup took place but in a totally different part of the world namely in Shanghai (China). This will be the first Lisk Shanghai meetup of 2018, it will give a introduction to the Lisk ecosystem and explain all that Lisk is trying to accomplish. The event is sponsored by the Elite delegate group and will also have a lottery draw and other interactive activities. The goal of this first meetup is to build a solid Lisk community in China for more future meetups.

This monday there will also be a special Lisk meetup in Tokyo (Japan). During the meetup one of the speakers will be Lisk founder and CEO Max Kordek. This special meetup is hosted by Lisk’s friends at Coinpost, unfortunately there are no more tickets available.

Last week we hosted a challenge in which we asked : How many wallets do you think have between 10 LSK and 100.000 LSK in holdings? By using our soon to be released ‘Lisk Rich List’ tool we found out that there where 27.695 wallets which held between 10 LSK and 100.000 LSK. The person who got the closest was yasuyasuyasu with 27680 wallets. Congratulations on behalf of the entire team and enjoy your $100 in LSK tokens!

We are also proud to announce the winners of the Photo Challenge. This challenge was all about finding a nice scenery and taking a picture with the logo in it. We were very happy to see so many entry’s and a lot amazing locations. Each member of the team had three votes and this has resulted in the following winners. In third place with a photo of the bypass in Tricity (Poland) was jakevslu who won a $100 in LSK tokens! In second place with a beautiful photo of Kawagoe city (Japan) was gibuhiro, we hope you enjoy your $500 in LSK tokens! And in first place winning a whopping $1000 in LSK tokens was kicek5555 with a very original photo at Melnrage Beach (Lithuania).

Congratulations to the winners of both the challenges and thank you to everyone who participated! Make sure to keep an eye out for more of our giveaway challenges!

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