April 1st, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Lisk’s First Vlog

Last Friday LiskHQ released their very first Lisk Vlog which covers the month of March. The vlog is hosted Lisk’s community mangers Jan and Mat who give a short introduction and tell us what we can expect in this first episode. It starts of with Eve (Lisk’s HR Generalist) giving us a tour of the new office space followed by an introduction of the latest Lisk hires. The vlog shows us all that LiskHQ has been up to over the past few weeks across all departments, the episode features updates on : Lightcurve, development, the Lisk Hub, TOKEN2049, marketing and the Lisk community. Personally I really like the idea of giving the community a behind the scenes look once in a while and these vlogs will be a perfect way of doing so!

Coinsutra Interview

While at TOKEN2049 Lisk’s marketing lead Thomas Schouten had an interview with Sudhir the chief editor of Coinsutra. During their talk Sudhir asks some very interesting questions which I have not seen in other Lisk interviews. Thomas first gives a quick explanation on what Lisk is and why Lisk decided it needed an Rebranding. Sudhir then asks some more “critical” question on Lisk’s development and some of the delays they had. He asks Thomas about : “why ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering) have not started on Lisk yet as this would happen in Q1” and “why did Lisk go back to improve or re-write parts of Lisk Core”. During the interview they also talk about a lot of other subjects like the future of ICO’s, Lisk’s public address, the Lisk academy and the Lisk DEX (Decentralized Exchange). Sudhir round off the interview with asking Thomas where he sees Lisk and similar blockchain platforms in the next couple of years. I found this to be a good interview as Sudhir asked some more in-depth and “critical” questions. These are just the questions which the Lisk community might also have from time to time. If you have not watched the interview yet then I would recommend watching it when you have some spare time.

Lisk North America Tour

In the months of April and May Lisk community manager Jan Liz-Fonts will be attending and speaking at a total of 5 meetups/events in North America. The tour will kick off with a meetup in San Antonio on the 2nd of April followed by a meetup in Ottawa (Canada) on the 4th. While in Ottawa LiskHQ will also be attending the ForwardJS (JavaScript) Conference. The conference is followed up by a meetup in Seatle on the 9th, the last stop of the Lisk North America tour will be Consensus. This last event takes place in New York City from the 14th till the 19th of May. If you are interested in attending one of these meetups then I would suggest signing up asap as there most likely will be a limited amount of available tickets.

Slush Tokyo Conference

This week Lisk CEO and co-founder Max Kordek attended the Slush Tokyo Conference where he gave a keynote speech on decentralized movement and Lisk. Max also was a jury member in a startup pitch, held a Q&A session and had many meetings and interviews while he was there.

Lisk Hub Survey

This Wednesday LiskHQ released a survey where they would like to hear your experience and expectations of the new Lisk Hub. The short survey consists of ten questions which range from “Which feature did you find the most useful?” to “Did you create a new Lisk ID with the Hub?”.  So if you have a few minutes to spare then please fill out the survey and help LiskHQ in making the Lisk Hub as user-friendly as possible!

Lisk Hub 0.3.0

This week Lisk released the Lisk Hub version 0.3.0 together with a new blog post. This version includes two new features : the Account Initialization and the Lock ID.  The Account Initialization feature is there to make sure that the public key of the account is cemented into the Lisk blockchain. This initialization is done by any kind of transaction but to make sure users don’t forget they are reminded inside the dashboard and wallet sections of Lisk Hub. The other new feature is called the “Lock ID”, when you choose to Lock your ID you can enter the Lisk Hub when you want without having to enter your passphrase each time. The “Lock ID” prevents you from being logged out of the Lisk Hub session after either 10 minutes or by closing the tab or desktop app. By locking your ID you can see all your incoming transactions and easily manage your account. Only once you want to make a transaction you will again be asked to enter your passphrase. This new version of the Lisk Hub also has some smaller tweaks LiskHQ made, you can read more about those and the two new features in the Lisk Hub 0.3.0 blog post.

The Crypto Lark Interview

During TOKEN2049 (Hongkong, China) Lisk Academy lead Jacob Kowalewski had an interview with the Youtuber The Crypto Lark. The Crypto Lark starts the interview off with asking why LiskHQ is in Asia that often and what the responses of the community have been thus far. They also talk about the Lisk Academy that Jacob has been working on. Jacob explains that the Lisk Academy was created to help educate more people about blockchain technology. The interview continues with the important subject of regulation. This is something which tends to vary a lot from place to place in Asia but also around the world. Jacob explains that this most of the times depends on how progressive a country is on the technology. They talk a bit about how Lisk is going to try to make the world a better place and when Lisk based ICO’s could be expected. They round off the interview by talking about what they both expect of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the years to come and how the Lisk community has grown over the past year. This was once again a good Lisk interview by The Crypto Lark and I hope we will see many more in the future!

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