April 8th, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Lisk Core 1.0.0 Beta

After much testing and often working late into the night, LiskHQ Friday announced that they are ready for the Open Beta release of Lisk Core 1.0.0. The release will take place this Monday together with an accompanying blog post which will give all the information needed to update nodes and other Lisk tools.

Lightcurve Delegate Update

This Thursday Lightcurve released a blog post in which they announced the shutdown of the Lightcurve delegate node. Lightcurve is the main contractor responsible for all development and marketing of the non-profit Lisk Foundation based in Zug, Switzerland. In the blog post they explain that the Lightcurve delegate was trying to create an incentive-based benefits structure for its employees but how it never was the goal to attain a permanent  forging spot. With the rapid growth of Lightcurve over the last year from just a couple of employees to over 40 now, Lightcurve felt it was time to create a more efficient employee benefit structure. This is why Lightcurve will shut down the Lightcurve delegate node and asks anyone who voted for them reconsider their vote. The LSK tokens which were forged while Lightcurve was in the top 101 will be distributed among the 10 employees of Lightcurve who were responsible for setting up the delegate and are still on the team.

The Future Is In JavaScript Dapps

During TOKEN2049 many of the Lisk team members held interviews with the attending crypto media platforms. One of these interviews was the one Lisk’s marketing manager Lindsay Buescher held with Yuval Gov of CryptoPotato. During the interview they talk about many subjects such as: why Lisk is using JavaScript, how is Lisk different from other app platforms and why Lisk decided to go with sidechains. Lindsay also explains LiskHQ’s vision behind the new Lisk Academy and Lisk’s “one-stop shop” the Lisk Hub. Yuval rounds off the interview by asking about Lisk’s longterm goals, which are: the dynamic fee system, a new address system and ultimately an improvement to the DPoS Consensus Algorithm. This was a short but very informative interview so if you haven’t read it yet then make sure you do!

Lisk Community Member Spotlight

Most of us already know that Lisk has one of the biggest and most active communities out there with some of its core members supporting and contributing to the project every single day. To show their gratitude, LiskHQ decided it was time for a new blog post series called: The Lisk Community Member Spotlight. The first community member to be interviewed by Jennifer Tekneci was no one other than Aleksey aka Alepop. The interview starts off with Aleksey telling a bit about his background, what his typical day looks like and on what projects he is working. They then talk about how he got involved with Blockchain technology, what attracted him to Lisk and what he thinks the potential of Blockchain technology is. As Aleksey is a developer they of course also talk about coding. Jennifer asks him questions like: in what setting he does his best coding work, what he does when he gets stuck on a problem and what his most challenging project has been to date. Once again a great LiskHQ initiative to keep strengthening the connection with their community and its members. And for the active Lisk.chat community members this is also a nice way to learn a bit more about the person behind the nickname.

Lisk Tokyo Meetup Video

At the end of March, Lisk co-founder Max Kordek attended the Lisk Tokyo Meetup in Japan. At the meetup he gave a presentation which included an introduction to Lisk, the Relaunch event, Lisk’s position in Japan and the future of Lisk. The video of Max his presentation can now be found on YouTube, so if you have a spare hour then make sure you check it out!

The Lisk North America Tour

This Monday, the Lisk North America Tour kicked off with the 4th edition of the Lisk San Antonio Blockchain meetup. As always, the San Antonio meetup had a general Blockchain segment as well as a Lisk-specific segment. During the Blockchain segment Omar Quimbaya gave a presentation on Blockchain Scalability and the different tactics that are being used for this, such as the Lightning Network, Sharding, and Segwit. For the Lisk segment of the event there was a special guest speaker: Lisk community manager Jan Liz-Fonts who made the trip all the way from Berlin to represent LiskHQ during the North America Tour. Jan gave a presentation on the Lisk Relaunch, together with some updates on what LiskHQ has been working on and what’s next for Lisk. The event also had a 30 LSK giveaway in courtesy of Lisk Ascend and plenty of food and beverages which were provided by LiskUSA. Once again the Lisk San Antonio Blockchain meetup was a big success. This time the meetup had an attendance of 40 people which included Blockchain and Lisk enthusiasts, BLOQspace.io and LiskUSA.

The next stop of the tour took place 2 days later in Ottawa (Canada), at the first Lisk Ottawa Blockchain in JS meetup, where Jan also spoke at. This meetup gave the attendees an introduction to Blockchain and the Lisk ecosystem with side focus on JavaScript! While he was in Ottawa, Jan also visited the ForwardJS Summit, where he gave a presentation on Lisk and the possibilities it is going to bring JavaScript developers to get involved with Blockchain technology.


This saturday, most of the Lisk.support development team got together to work on an update for our website. As it is not completely finished yet, I can’t say too much about it but from what I have seen so far it’s going to look amazing. We are also happy to announce that our tool developer Tony made some really important progress on two of our new and soon to be released Lisk tools. So make sure to keep an eye out for our Lisk.support website!

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