April 15th, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Lisk Coin Review

The YouTube channel CryptoLand recently made a review video on Lisk.  In it they give information on the background of Lisk and what LiskHQ is trying to achieve with the project. It also contains some good basic information on subjects like the SDK (Software Development Kit), the LSK token and where to buy them, Dapps, the Lisk foundation and much more. So if you are new to the project and want to get up to speed then make sure you check out this video!

Lisk Ecosystem Development Visualisation

To celebrate the release of the Open Beta version of Lisk-core 1.0.0 Lisk community member and delegate iii_element_iii made another Github development visualisation. This time it has multiple repositories to see the whole Lisk ecosystem. This means that this time you will see the development of lisk-core, lisk-elements, Lisk-hub, Lisk-explorer and the Lisk-commander. The repository is displayed as a tree where the root of the repository is the centre, directories are branches and files are leaves. If you are like me and don’t follow Lisk’s Github development on a day-to-day basis then these visualizations are a great way to see how hard the LiskHQ team is working day in and day out.

Live stream Interview : What is Lisk?

This Wednesday the YouTuber Ivan on Tech held a live stream interview with Lisk co-founder and CEO Max Kordek. During the interview Ivan and Max talk about a lot of very interesting topics one of which is Cryptie this is the project Max and Oliver where working on before Lisk. Max explains how and why him and Oliver parted ways with that project and what the Cryptie team is currently doing. They discuss how Lisk is different from other projects and how it compares to the biggest alt token Ethereum. Max follows up by explaining why it could seem like Lisk is moving slow but how this is not the case and how things will speed up after Lisk Core 1.0.0 is active on the Mainnet. Ivan then asks Max why Lisk is using JavaScript and if Lisk will support other programming languages in the future. The interview also features questions from the live stream audience one of which was : How did they come up with the name Lisk. They also discuss the topic of partnerships, Max explains how Lisk is going for technology first, once they have a good and working project partnerships will follow because of that. During the interview they also talk about the Lisk’s current DPoS system, dynamic fees, the future LSK token use cases, the Lisk vs Ark situation and much more. All in all it felt like a very relaxed and open interview and definitely worth watching if you haven’t done so!

Lisk Hub 0.4.0

This week LiskHQ released the Lisk Hub version 0.4.0 which has some new features. The first new feature is the on boarding process with a tutorial which is launched automatically after you log into an account for the first time in Lisk Hub. The Lisk Hub tutorial will taken you through all the menu items and account information. Another important feature of version 0.4.0 is the ability to register a second passphrase to your Lisk ID. This will add an extra layer of authentication and security to your Lisk ID. Do keep in mind that currently the fee for this second passphrase is 5 LSK tokens which is quite a lot. The last major feature which was added to the Lisk Hub is the Lisk launch protocol for the desktop version. The launch protocol is a scheme of links that allows you to easily access various sections within the application. For more information about the new features and other tweaks the team made make sure to read the blog post!

Lisk London Meetup

Next Wednesday Lisk is coming to London! And this meetup will have something for everyone, regardless of whether you are a longterm Lisk holder or absolute Blockchain beginner looking to explore the technology. The meetup will start with Thomas Schouten (Marketing Lead) giving an introduction to the Lisk ecosystem. After which Jacob Kowalewski (Project Lead Lisk Academy) will give a presentation on the new Lisk Academy.  Shane V. Kehoe the founder of SVK Crypto will then discuss the question : How far along are we with blockchain adoption? The meetup will be rounded off with a Q&A where attendees can ask the team members all their questions. There is a limited amount of tickets for this meetup so if you are interested in attending make sure to sign up as soon as possible!

Monthly Community Update

This week LiskHQ released their Lisk community update for the month of March. As always the blog post has updates on the company, development, marketing and the Lisk community. This time the company update features the new Lightcurve team members and Lisk moving to the top floor of the Potsdamer Platz WeWork building. In the development update you can find information about Lisk Core, the Lisk Template and the released versions of the Lisk Hub. The marketing update has a lot of information on the events LiskHQ attended, interviews they held and the growth of Lisk’s on their Social Media platforms. The community part is all about the work community managers Jan and Mat are doing with and for the community. The blog post finishes off with the next steps for Lisk which are the Lisk London meetup and attending cryptocurrency conference Consensus (New York) in May.

Lisk Core 1.0.0 Open Beta

Last Monday LiskHQ released the initial Lisk Core 1.0.0 Open Beta version for testing. With this release LiskHQ also published a blog post where they announced the new intensified testing stages. Starting with Lisk Core 1.0.0 there will be two distinct phases for all major releases. These are called the Betanet and Testnet with the first one being an artificial replica of the Lisk network. The Betanet has its own genesis block and delegates nodes which are for now being maintained by Lisk’s DevOps team. The extra step of Betanet testing gives LiskHQ the chance to try the code first and avoid any risk of negative effects on the Testnet. So once testing is completed on the Betanet LiskHQ will migrate it to the Testnet and after running succesful there it will be released on the Lisk Mainnet. Most of the Lisk community already knows that LiskHQ puts the quality of their products above all else and this extra testing step shows that once again. In the blog post LiskHQ also announced that after Betanet testing is complete the development team will be hosting a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the topic of Lisk Core 1.0.0.  For more updates on the Lisk Betanet testing progress make sure you keep an eye out for either the Lisk subreddit or Lisk’s Github.

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