April 22nd, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.


The website Cryptoindex is a new cryptocurrency market statistics portal which tracks over 1300 different cryptocurrencies one of which is the LSK token. On the site you can find all kinds of information such as : auto-updated price changes, trading volume, circulating supply and the prices on different exchanges. The site also features other important links to such as the website, Block Explorer, Github and much more. So if you are interested tracking the price changes of the LSK token then this new site might be worth taking a look at.

Watch Lisk Grow

Lisk Ascend delegate Slamper has worked hard on providing the Lisk community with useful Lisk tools. This week he released his latest tool with a smart interface to browse real-time and historic Lisk transaction and account statistics. The transaction stats are updated every 5 seconds and the account stats update once every 60 seconds. In the upper right corner of the site you can select a timeframe from which the data should be shown. Some data is cumulative, which means that “New Accounts” shows the total number of new accounts in the selected. The tool lets you select a certain timeframe and shows you stats such as the total transactions per hour, unique senders, volume, the biggest transaction and the average transaction amount. Slamper is also close to releasing another project which is a Lisk network monitor. This will use the new 1.0.0 Websocket API to collect stats from all Lisk nodes on the network to measure uptime, health, block propagation speed, missed blocks + non forging and so on. The tool will allow node owners to set free alerts (Telegram, SMS, Lisk.chat) on their own nodes and delegates without having to install software on their servers. This data will also be recorded and made available via the new stats.lsk.party so it can be browsed easily. This will also form the core for the tools Slamper wants to build to make it easy to deploy failover Lisk clusters using Docker and Kubernetes. Based on these tools he will later build a Sidechain-As-A-Service business, which will allow new Lisk Developers to deploy their own side chain for free without having to struggle with infrastructure plus a paid side chain and delegate hosting with added features. Slamper’s goal is to give the tools which are necessary to allow newcomers to quickly get started with Lisk once side chains are out and that will help the Lisk ecosystem thrive. For more information on the Lisk Acend delegate team, pledging your vote and the referral system you can check out their website. It also feature live chat where you can ask your question or get help with pledging your account.

Future in Focus : Adamant

Last Friday LiskHQ released a new blog post in the series : Future in Focus. This time it features ADAMANT Messenger which is a Russia-based blockchain-based messenger with an integrated payment system. ADAMANT Messenger is available from any device and gives an unsurpassed anonymity and data protection to its users. LiskHQ’s team member Jennifer Tekneci sat down with co-founder Dmitriy Soloduhin to give the Lisk community the chance to learn a bit more about the project. During the interview they talk about many interesting things such as the history of the project, why people need ADAMANT Messenger and which problems they wish to solve. They also discuss why the founders decided to use the Lisk code and where Dmitriy sees his project in 5 years from now. This Future in Focus was once again a very interesting read and insight in a new project which has a bright future in Blockchain technology. So make sure you don’t forget to read this new blog post in the series : Future in Focus!

The Lisk North America Tour Recap

As community manager Jan Liz-Fonts was back in Berlin after the Lisk North America Tour it was time for a recap blog post of his trip. The North America Tour kicked off with a Lisk meetup in San Antonio (Texas) which was hosted by Lisk Ascend member Nimbus76, and Lisk USA, which is led by delegate StellarDynamic. Here Jan gave a presentation on the Lisk Relaunch and Lisk’s newest products. After this Jan visited the Forward JS: Ottawa Summit (Canada) where he presented Lisk in front of a crowd of nearly 200 JavaScript developers. Here he explained the Lisk platform and how Lisk is bringing together blockchain and JavaScript. The day after the Summit Jan was present at the first Lisk meetup in Canada. Here he presented the attendees an overview of the Lisk ecosystem and met interesting people. The last stop of the tour so far was Seattle (Washington) where 200 RSVP’s to join the meetup. Here Jan presented a detailed look into Lisk’s ecosystem and its major advantages in the Blockchain space to a very engaged and enthusiastic audience. From all I have read and heard it was a very succesful tour and LiskHQ will return to America in May to attend the blockbuster B and cryptocurrency conference Consensus 2018 in New York City. For more details on Jan’s trip to North America make sure you read the recap!

Lisk Integration With Trezor

This week LiskHQ team member Mariusz Serekannounced that Lisk integration with TREZOR is planned for version 2.0.7. TREZOR is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet which stores the user’s private keys in a secure hardware device. With TREZOR your transactions are completely safe even when initiated on a compromised or vulnerable computer. This is because you are physically using the hardware device to confirm all the actions you make. This integration with TREZOR and most likely creating the first Lisk hardware wallet has been made possible by Lisk community member and GDT delegate Alepop. Currently TREZOR is at firmware update 1.6.1 so it will still take some time before the release but if you want to add some extra wallet security then make sure you keep an eye on the updates.

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