April 29th, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

The Lisk Explorer 1.6.0

Last Friday LiskHQ released the Lisk Explorer version 1.6.0. This updated version contains a new UI, new functionalities in mobile view and stability fixes. Together with this release LiskHQ published a blog post where they explain the new Lisk Explorer features. The blog post explains how the new UI still has the same functionality but that it matches the Lisk.io website colours and look. This release also makes it possible for Lisk user with a small smart phone screen to use the search feature in the explorer. So from now on they are able to search for transactions, blocks, accounts, delegate public keys or the block height. In this version LiskHQ also improved the view to make it more mobile-friendly by sacrificing the rank column and introducing an address shortener. Thanks to this change users can now see their balance and the percentage stake of the market cap. For more information about the new features of the Lisk Explorer make sure to read the blog post!

Lisk’s Tech Open Air Partnership

This week Tech Open Air (TOA) announced that LiskHQ will be one of the partners/sponsors of their event. Tech Open Air is Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival which takes place from the 19th till the 22nd of June in Berlin (Germany). The event so far has a list of 48 guest speakers so hopefully after this announced partnership we will see a LiskHQ team member added to it.

A Lisk Hub Security Update

Ever since Lisk was started the team has always had a strong focus on providing the project and its community with the best security. This is why in sight of recent events LiskHQ decided to stop hosting the online versions of Lisk Hub and Lisk Nano. This decision was taken after a BGP hijacking attack was performed against Amazon, causing them to route traffic originally intended for Google’s DNS servers to go to a rogue DNS server. This rogue DNS server then returned the IP of a phishing site for DNS lookups for MyEtherWallet.com. Because if this LiskHQ came to the conclusion that the web version cannot guarantee the additional levels of security that the desktop version of Lisk Hub offers. The desktop version is signed with the Lisk Stiftung certificate, therefore downloading Lisk Hub gives you a local copy that is verified and loaded locally. Because the removal of the online wallet versions is a pretty big step LiskHQ decided to publish a blog post. In it you can read more about why the team felt this was a necessary security step to take, so if you have a spare moment then make sure to read it!

Lisk Featured in Nasdaq

The website Nasdaq recently published an article about Lisk called : Lisk And The Booming Frontier Of Blockchain Applications. In the article the writer Michael Scott starts off by talking about the Lisk Foundation and its goal to provide investors with transparency. The article also features Lisk’s infrastructural makeup, JavaScript, sidechains and some quotes by Lisk’s CEO and co-founder Max Kordek. Even though the article it pretty short its still great to see Lisk getting featured on a mainstream news website!

Crypto Capital World Summit

This week LiskHQ members Jacob Kowalewski and Mat Piaggi where in Vilnius (Lithuania) to represent Lisk during the Crypto Capital World Summit. The Summit was a meeting of traditional investors, regulators, marketeers, cryptocurrency investors and blockchain startups. The goal of the meetup was to bring together people from traditional and cryptocurrency investment backgrounds and bridge the knowledge gap through education and networking. During the Summit Jacob took part in a panel and gave a presentation on the importance of marketing in attracting investors and raising funds through ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings). Him and Mat of course also promoted Lisk and spoke with many pioneering projects that will help drive the adoption of Blockchain technology.

Lisk’s Darpal Rating

The Darpal Rating’s team has been releasing a monthly blog post in which they review and rank blockchain projects based on their GitHub code audits. Darpal Rating is a top Chinese tech influencer and platform that offers blockchain reviews, interviews and auditing. In their earlier code audits for January and February Lisk was ranked in first place out of a 133 different projects. This week Darpal Rating released their latest code audit for the month of March. Unfortunately Lisk did not manage to keep its first place this month and was overtaken by EOS, still Lisk did very well and was ranked in 2nd place out of the 200 projects audited this time. In the audit we can see that Lisk got a rating of 5 which is the highest possible in the audit and only achieved by a total of 6 projects. It also shows that Lisk had 781 commits to their core library and those were rated type A1 (Continuously, steadily developing new features). In the audit we can also see that Lisk scored high in the number of contributors, their release frequency and on its popularity. So even though Lisk lost its first place it still did very good being rated in the top 3 for each month of 2018 so far!

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