May 6th, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Lisk Community Update

As we have entered a new month it is time for a Lisk Community update on all that has happened in the past month. The company update consists of the two latest Lightcurve hires who joined in April which are Abel Boldu (DevOps Engineer) and Gabriela D’Alo (Human Resources Generalist). The development update features Lisk’s Darpal Rating where they again scored very well. It also has the decision to stop hosting the online versions of Lisk Hub and Lisk Nano for security reasons. As well as all the Lisk Core, Explorer and Lisk Hub releases and an image of Lisk’s overal Github activity. The marketing team had a busy month as well with 10 published articles on the Lisk blog and 49 media mentions and 8 media placements, including NASDAQ, and ICO Crowd Magazine. During the Lisk London meetup marketing team members Michael and Jacob also had an interview for the upcoming documentary, Beyond Bitcoin. The community update of the blog post talks about the inaugural Lisk London Meetup which was a great success with over a 150 attendees. And it thanks Lisk community members who helped review the Lisk reviewed the Lisk Core Betanet. As always the Community Update ends with the next steps for Lisk which this time are : hiring more talented people to join Lightcurve and all the upcoming blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences of May.

LSK Listed On Cryptopia

This week the New Zealand based exchange Cryptopia announced they added the LSK token and trading was now available. Cryptopia is a powerful currency trading platform which sees itself as the one stop shop for crypto and with over 400 tradable cryptocurrencies this certainly is the case. For now Cryptopia listed the following trade pairs for the LSK token : LSK/BTC, LSK/LTC and LSK/DOGE. Hopefully we will see more LSK trading pairs added soon but this listing on yet another big exchange is great news on its own already.

Lisk Press And Media Page

This Thursday LiskHQ released the long-awaited Press and Media page on their website. The page has a downloadable media kit which is very useful if you are planning on hosting a Lisk community meetup. It also features all the recent Lisk media coverage and a fact sheet with information on the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), number of employees and Lisk’s peak market cap. On the page you can also download a number of Lisk logo’s, founder photos and illustration’s which include the famous Lisk wizard. So don’t forget to check out the new page and let the team know what you think of it!

LSK Added On Abra

Last Tuesday Abra announced that the LSK token would be one of the five new cryptocurrencies that soon will be added to the app! Abra is a global app that allows its users to buy, store, and invest in 25 cryptocurrencies and over 50 fiat currencies in one place. At the moment they have users from 75 countries transacting on Abra, the most active of which are The United States, United Kingdom, The Philippines, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Abra users will be able to exchange for LSK tokens by funding their wallet, for US residents this will be possible through a linked bank account or bank wire others can do so directly by depositing Bitcoin. Abra expected the LSK token to go live on the platform in the next week, so make sure you keep an eye out for it if you are using this app!

Upcoming Conferences And Lisk Meetups

May will be another month full of Conferences and Lisk Meetups being hosted all around the world. Last Friday and Saturday Cryptographer Iker Alustiza (Lisk’s head of the Science Team) took part in a panel discussion at Chainges in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Chainges describes itself as the first world-class quality blockchain & cryptocurrency conference shaped by the community. In around one and a half weeks from now LiskHQ will also be attending Concensus 2018 (14th-16th) and the 3rd edition of Token Summit (16th and 17th), both these events will be taking place in New York City. At the same time LiskHQ team members will also be attending WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018 in Vienna (Austria). This event brings together 8.000 techies from over 70 countries and is dubbed by many as the “Woodstock of Developers”. Next on the agenda is OFFF which is a design conference held in Barcelona. Here members of the Lisk design and HR team will hear and see the most creative and talented minds in design. They will also try to attract more talent to add to the Lisk team. The last major event of May will be BlockShow which is held in Lisk’s hometown of Berlin (Germany). BlockShow is an event which  showcases the industry’s most groundbreaking solutions and bring businesses together with the Blockchain. For more information on these and the past Conferences & Meetups you can read the blog post which LiskHQ released earlier this week.

Lisk Vlog #2

This Monday was the last day of the month which ment it was time for the second episode of the Lisk Vlog. Like last time the Vlog is hosted by Lisk’s community managers Mat Piaggi and Jan Liz-Fonts who give us a quick overview of what we can expect in this months episode. The Vlog starts of with a marketing update in which Michael Borowiec goes over the general marketing progress the team made. He also talks about all the interviews team members held and Lisk’s media mentions of the past month. After this Jennifer Tekneci Lisk’s content strategist talks about the newly created Lisk blog post series, such as Blockchain Buzz, Future in Focus and the Lisk Community Member Spotlight. The Vlog continues with footage of the succesful Lisk meetups of April such as the Lisk North America Tour and the Lisk London : Blockchain Meetup. This is followed by a development update which includes the release of the new Lisk Explorer, important bug fixes, the Lisk Core progress on the Betanet and the Lisk Commander. After the development update Jan Liz-Fonts gives a shout out to some of the Lisk community members who did amazing work this pass month. These where community members such as cc01 who gave great feedback on the Betanet testing, Slamper for the amazing tools he has created and Carbonara for creating the Lisk Cute Assistant. We then get an update on the Lisk Hub and all the newly added features by Frontend developer Giana Contrino. These features include the lock ID option, Lisk Hub on boarding, account initiation, the creation of a second passphrase and the delegate registration. The last part of the Vlog is a Company update in which Eve Schmiedeskamp talks about the HR work she’s been doing for and with the Lightcurve members. In this part we also get a short introduction to some of Lightcurve’s latest hires and HR manager Andies Bellemans explains how amazing it is to have such a diverse team of people all working together on one project. The Vlog rounds off with Mat and Jan giving a few more shoutouts and talking about this months upcoming events. I would definitely recommend watching this second episode of the Lisk Vlog as it will give you a great overview off all that LiskHQ has achieved and has worked on in the past month!

Our team of developers have worked very hard on providing the Lisk community with an even better looking website with some new functionalities. This is why I am proud to announce that this week our website will have its relaunch!

Let us know what you think about this weeks Lisk news roundup in the comments below!

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