January 14th, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

New Lisk Team Members

This week LiskHQ welcomed three new members to the team. The first one being Eve who will work at Lisk as a HR Generalist. A HR Generalist is a employee in the human resources department who handles a wide variety of responsibilities. Lisk also hired Manu who will join Lisk’s army of backend developers and Lothar who will be working at Lisk as a financial analyst. LiskHQ wasted no time and also released a new blog post in which they introduce these newest additions to the team. The blog post also introduces Iker who is a Cryptographer and the first member of the Lisk science team.

Lisk Relaunch Event

This Wednesday it was the time a lot of people had been waiting for, LiskHQ was going to release the tickets for the much anticipated relaunch event which will be held next month. The 200 tickets given out this Wednesday where gone within the hour and combined with the 300 tickets that already where given out to Lisk team friends, family and press there will be a total of 500 people attending the event. LiskHQ also released the agenda for the event which will start at 7:30 PM with the arrival and networking. At around 8.30 PM LiskHQ will hold a keynote presentation with the rollout of the new brand identity, frontend design, dashboard and wallet. After the presentation there will be a reception to celebrate the relaunch and to round off the event. If you are attending the event make sure you register your ticket and read up on all the information on the event such as the location, car parking, public transportation and your best options for accomodations.

Realtime Lisk Transaction Visualizer

Lisk now has its own realtime Lisk transaction visualizer which was created by Lisk.chat member and Sapiens (sidechain) project founder Matteo (Hirish). On the visualizer you can see all the newly forged Lisk blocks and which delegate created it float by. The visualizer also shows the amount of LSK the blocks contain and you even have the option to turn the USD price to show the value of the transactions.

Capture These Lisk

This is a new series of challenges loosely based on the story of Lisk with a hint of pop culture. Capture These Lisk was created by delegates slasheks & gr33ndrag0n as a token of gratitude for the support of the community. The challenges will be separated by seasons, each consisting of ten or more challenges (episodes) of varying difficulty and involvement. The first person that manages to solve a challenge will be rewarded with a amount of LSK based on the perceived difficulty of the challenge. This season two challenges have already been released of which only one has been solved thus far. The new challenge will be released each Saturday at 14:00 UTC. So if you are having some trouble with this weeks challenge then you can always try your luck with the new episode which will be released in less then 6 days from now.

Lisk New Tab Page

Would you like to show your support to Lisk? Now you can do so by getting the Lisk new tab launcher.  By using the new tab launcher you override the new tab page with a Lisk branded one. When you open a new tab you will also have direct links to the Lisk community channels, this will help you to stay as up to date on Lisk as possible.


Are you planning on attending the Lisk HQ relaunch event on the 20th of February? Let us know and take part in our new promotion! LiskHQ is in favor of open-source development and embraces the idea of working together as a community in building an eco-system of products and services. Lisk.support has been the community platform to answer questions about the Lisk platform and sharing various kind of news articles. We have had some great feedback which keeps us motivated to continue our work. We like to ask the community to give back in helping us with promoting our platform by wearing our Lisk t-shirt at the upcoming Meetup in Berlin. As a bonus we will reward each person that wears a Lisk.support shirt with 1 LSK and an additional 2 LSK if you make a picture of yourself at the event wearing the shirt and tweet it to joo5tylisk.

This week Lisk.support team member Leongaban released the final post in our series: Planning a Dapp on Lisk Business Plan. In this edition Leongaban talks about the company foundation, how to create a roadmap for the company and why you should have a exit plan. As always Leongaban uses some easy to understand examples to help explain each step.

We also have created a new poll on Lisk.support, this time the question is : How much USD will 1 LSK be at 2018-12-31? Let us know what you think the price will be by filling in the poll. We appreciate other comments on the price prediction for 2018 in the reply area on the bottom of the page.

Let us know what you think about this weeks Lisk news roundup in the comments below!

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  1. Dlaczego lisk jest podatny na wahania btc. Przecież lisk obiecuje projekty które podnoszą wartość kryptowaluty i nie powinny być podatne na spadki btc.

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