January 21st, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Lisk Relaunch Event Tickets

Most of you already know that all the tickets for the Lisk relaunch event on the 20th of February where gone within a hour. But if you were not among the lucky people that managed to get a ticket there is still a chance for you to attend the meetup. A couple of days ago LiskHQ announced that they will be giving away 2 tickets to the event. All you have to do to enter the ticket draw is follow LiskHQ on Twitter and re-tweet the announcement before the 24th of January. The Lisk.support team is wishing evreyone good luck and we hope to see you in Berlin!

Lisk In Top 3 Of GitHub Commits

On the site new site cryptomiso you can find the Github commit history over the last year of 325 cryptocurrencies based on most popular repo.  Lisk was ranked in 3rd place of the 325 currencies with 2401 commits and 35 contributors. This does however only include the commits from Lisk Core, still we have to be very proud to be ranked 3rd this is a great achievement. The spike in Lisk’s commits in January also proofs that Lisk’s development is speeding up lately just like LiskHQ stated earlier.

New Lisk Branding

Earlier this week LiskHQ already used the fonts in a post but this Thursday LiskHQ officially confirmed that they picked fonts Gilroy and OpenSans for use in their new branding.

Interview With The Founder Of SocketCluster

This week LiskHQ released a new blog post in which they sat down with SocketCluster founder and as of last month Lisk backend developer Jon Gros-Dubois. In the interview Jon begins by telling a bit about himself, when he began with coding and what he did before joining the Lisk team. Jon then gets asked how he would describe Lisk and how Lisk differs from other Blockchain projects. The interview ofcourse also goes into further depths on the project he founded called SocketCluster. This is a software framework designed to simplify development of highly scalable systems, which can send and receive data in real-time betweens users and machines. If you have not read this interesting interview then make sure you do and get to know one of Lisk’s latest backend developers.

Lisk Community Meetup’s

This week there where not one but two Lisk community Blockchain meetups in the USA. The first one was located in a San Antonio and hosted by Brandon Glosson in collaboration with delegate StellarDynamic and Liskusa. The meetup had multiple speakers such as Mark Morris who gave a presentation on blockchain governance. Next up was the meetup’s host Brandon Glosson who spoke about how Lisk’s governance works. He was followed up by Edward Trosclair (StellarDynamic) who gave the attendees an update on the state of Lisk. The meetup even had a give away 25 LSK among other prizes and was with 58 attendees the most successful Lisk San Antonio meetup thus far.

The second meetup was two days ago and took place in Miami. This meetup was hosted by Matthew Chauvin again in collaboration with Liskusa. The Miami meetup also had a great number of attendees and was all about recent and current events in cryptocurrency. The attendees also got alot of information about Lisk and whats in store for in 2018 such as the upcoming  Lisk relaunch, the Lisk platform and the development roadmap. Among the attendees was StellarDynamic who had flown quite some miles this week to be able to attend both of the meetups. It’s good to see we have such a great delegate representing Lisk and it’s community in the USA!

LiskHQ Responce

This week a post was made in the Lisk subReddit that linked to a article on how you could “Steal Millions in 2^64 Operations”. The article implied that Lisk would be would be vulnerable to exploits due to short addresses and having no address–key binding. The Lisk community as well as Lisk co-founder Max Kordek where quick to respond on the Reddit post and twitter. Max Kordek stated : “The mentioned concerns are either not valid anymore or just ugly, temporary cases. ”


The Lisk.support team is proud to announce that our developers have created yet another new Lisk tool : The Delegate Rank Tracker. This tool will visualize all the top 101 delegate rank changes in a specific time-span in a chart. The the tool lets you select a certain amount of days and which delegate(s) rank movements you would like to track. Please let us know what you think of our new tool in the comments below.

This week Delegate Joo5ty shipped 50 Lisk.support t-shirts to all the people that signed up for our promotion. The team of lisk.support would like to thank everyone for helping us promote our community-driven website. We find it amazing that the Lisk eco-system has so much positive energy. That shows us that we can expect a lot more great things to come.

We would like to take a group picture of all the people wearing a Lisk.support t-shirt at the Relaunch event. The Keynote presentation ends at 10.00 PM, so we would like to ask you to come together then for a picture. We hope to see you all in Berlin on the 20th of February!

Let us know what you think about this weeks Lisk news roundup in the comments below!

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