October 1st, 2017
Lisk Weekly News Roundup – Week 39

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Asia tour – Tokyo
In our last Weekly News Roundup we talked about Max and Thomas meeting with the blockchain community in Tokyo. This week photos of the Lisk blockchain meetups were posted on the Lisk Twitter. The photos showed the incredible success and demand for the meetups, with the first one having over 350 people in attendance and the second one also being packed.                              During their stay in Tokyo Max and Thomas also pitched Lisk to several cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, but unfortunately more details about this could not be shared yet. Before continuing their trip to Mumbai Max and Thomas met with The Weekly Economist for an interview about Lisk and blockchain technology.

Asia tour – Mumbai
Last but not least, Max and Thomas went to Mumbai to attent the India Blockchain Week. First up Max participated in the panel “ICOs – What’s the heat all about?” where he, amongst others, discussed the good and bad parts about the current ICO (Initial Coin Offering) environment. Max & Thomas also got the opportunity to present Lisk to a big audience during a featured presentation. They explained what Lisk is all about and shared Lisk’s future roadmap as well as their plan to create a decentralized platform that enables anyone to easily build blockchain applications.  And after reading all the retweets and positive feedback on Twitter it can be said that their presentation was a huge success, that created even more Lisk awareness among crypto enthusiasts.

New Lisk employees
The Lisk team keeps expanding at a rapid pace and this monday, Lisk will again be welcoming new employees to the team. More details about who will be joining or what roll they will fulfill within the team have yet to be released. Even with this recent expansion of the team, Lisk is still hiring and there are still more than 8 positions open in the company. So, if you’re interested in a career in the blockchain industry be sure to check out the Lisk careers page.

What are your thoughts about the Lisk Asia Tour now that it’s over? Let us know in the comments below!

01/10/2017 written by Lisk Community member E1337 (https://lisk.chat/direct/E1337)

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    1. Hi Ivan,

      We didn’t hear anything about the rebranding this week. My guess that the upcoming week will bring some new information! Exciting times ahead 🙂

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