January 28th, 2018

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Community Survey Results

At the start of January LiskHQ distributed a comprehensive survey to the Lisk community members in an effort to get better insight into their behaviors, attitudes and values. A total of 712 people took part in the survey and this week the results where released in a blog post. Some of the results were quite surprising and most of all interesting to read. The blog post first gives a nice insight in the age, languages spoken and in what part of the world the Lisk community members live. The participants where also asked some more in depth questions like : When they first learned about blockchain technology and what they want to see LiskHQ do this year? So make sure you read the Lisk blog for the results on these and many other interesting questions.

Lisk Not Affected By The Coincheck Hack

This Friday morning reports started flooding in that one of the big Japanse exchanges named Coincheck was hacked. As Coincheck has the biggest LSK wallet out there (over 14 million LSK) the community kept a close eye on the account and saw the funds being moved to a new Lisk adress.  In the late afternoon LiskHQ released a tweet stating : “According to the press statement from Coincheck Lisk was not affected in the hack that took place this morning. We will continue to monitor the situation very closely. ” It seems that the LSK tokens where moved to a new wallet out of precaution and that thus far the hack only affected XEM (NEM) of which 526 million where stolen. Out of precaution Coincheck suspended credit card, Pay Easy, and convenience store payments and the trading of cryptocurrency was halted. Today Coincheck announced that they will pay back all their customers that lost funds due to the hack.

Lisk Real-time Market Data Available On Robinhood

This week the stock trading website Robinhood announced that commission-free cryptocurrency trading is coming to the Robinhood platform. Trading will first be limited to Bitcoin and Ethereum, with more coins tradeable later. Trading functionality for BTC and ETH will be released gradually in waves to Robinhood residents in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, and New Hampshire. Robinhood Crypto will be available in more states soon. Robinhood also announced the adding of 14 other cryptocurrencies which you can add to your watchlist, monitor real-timemarket data, read cryptocurrencies news, and create custom price alerts. One of these first 14 currencies added is Lisk, this is amazing news as this will help spread Lisk awareness amongst a more mainstream audience.  Eventhough this is a great step for Lisk and cryptocurrency as a whole Robinhood did state that supporting market data for individual cryptocurrencies doesn’t necessarily mean they plan to add buying and selling. As Lisk continues to grow in the future hopefully the chance of Lisk being added to the trading functionality grows along with it.

The Lisk Relaunch Ticket Winner

In last weeks roundup we reported on the giveaway of two tickets for the Lisk relaunch event on the 20th of Febuary. This Wednesday LiskHQ announced the winner of the contest : JordanTGhiglia. Congratulations on behalf of the  Lisk.support team and we hope to see you in Berlin in a couple of weeks!

JAXenter interview

One of Lisk’s full stack developers Will Clarck was recently interviewed by the website JAXenter. This is a website with all the news, articles and tutorials from the IT and programming world. JAXenter tracks the latest trends in Java as well as the hottest tools, databases, big data and cloud solutions. The short interview contains some questions about Lisk’s prefered programming language Javascript. Questions such as how the use of JavaScript will make blockchain more accessible and why JavaScript and not another language. Will also explains what Lisk has to offer and what’s next for Lisk. If you are not a developer then this interview can give you some quick information on why LiskHQ made the choice to go with Javascript as their programming language.

New Lisk Social Channels

This Tuesday Lisk announced some new Lisk social channels, the adding of these new channels was done in an effort to make communication accessible to all and continue Lisk’s presence through all platforms. From now on LiskHQ will also be active on Telegram, Discord and Steemit. If you are active on these channels then don’t forget to add LiskHQ and join the ever growing Lisk community.

What is Lisk?

This week a good article on Lisk was released on the site website Coincentral. Coincentral is an independent publication covering news and information on cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology. The article discusses the origins of Lisk and how Lisk is trying to make blockchain technology accessible for all people. The article also contains a lot of information on things like Lisk’s specifications, sidechains, the SDK and how to buy and store LSK. If you are new to Lisk or still have some unanswered questions then this article can get you up to speed on Lisk in no time.


The Lisk.support team is proud to announce that we’ve updated our pending tool with a brand new UI which is more user friendly and gives more information about your pending payouts. The new new UI includes a percentages bar which displays how many percent of the minimum reward payout is reached. You now also can click on each delegate in the pending tool and see their minimum payout, when they payout and what their reward sharing percentage is. Just as Lisk our development team is always looking for ways to make our website even more user friendly then it already is. This is why we are happy to announce that Lisk.support is now available in 10 major languages. By doing so we give our visitors the option to read all the Lisk news in their own preferable language. Please let us know what other languages you would like to see being added to Lisk.support in the near future!


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