October 7th, 2017
Lisk Weekly News Roundup – Week 40

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Asia tour – Tokyo meetup video
During the Lisk Asia Tour, Max and Thomas co-hosted two community meetups with Blockchain-Labo. The video of the second meetup has now been uploaded on the Blockchain-Labo’s YouTube channel. In the presentation Max and Thomas explain what Lisk is and talk about subject like the rebranding, the Lisk platform itself, sidechains, ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering) and other future plans for Lisk.

Upcoming Lisk meetups
Many of you know that Lisk has a very active and growing community. Some of its members are hosting Lisk meetups all around the world to help spread Lisk awareness. On the 4th of October there was a meetup in New Orleans that was hosted by US ambassador and delegate StellarDynamic. And as I am writing this, the first Lisk Boulder meetup on blockchain technology and the incredible impact that it’s having on our world is being held. These two meetups will be followed up by a meetup in San Antonio and one in Miami later this month. There will also be community hosted meetups outside the USA, on the 24th of October there will be a meetup in Sydney (Australia) and in November two more in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Paris (France).

Lisk meetups

Two new Lisk employees
This week Lisk welcomed two new employees to the team, in this picture you can see Gina on the left and Juan in the middle of the first row. Further information on these two new team members and what roll they will fulfill within the Lisk team will follow soon.


LiskHQ on Instagram
A couple of weeks ago, Jennifer Tekneci was hired to be Lisk’s Social Media Manager and we can already see her work. It is now also possible to follow LiskHQ on Instagram. If you have not followed the page yet make sure you do because it will most likely share some behind the scenes photo’s of the Lisk team you won’t see anywhere else.

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07/10/2017 written by Lisk Community member E1337 (https://lisk.chat/direct/E1337)

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