October 22nd, 2017

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Lisk Berlin Blockchain meetup
On the 22nd of November the 6th Lisk Berlin Blockchain meetup will once again be held in the WeWork Sony Center in Berlin. This will also be the final Lisk meetup for 2017 and with the Rebranding, Lisk Core 1.0.0 and SDK Alpha version (Software Development Kit) releases getting closer and closer I am sure it will be a very interessting last meetup of the year. The topics and speakers during the meetup have yet to be announced but already almost a 100 people have rsvp’d that they will be joining the event. If you also would like to join the meetup on the 22nd of November make sure you rsvp so that the Lisk team approximately knows how many people will be attending.

Lisk is hiring
Lisk is still actively hiring and is looking for highly passionate and motivated people that just like the Lisk team love what they do. At the moment there are atleast seven open positions from back end developers all the way to a office manager. So if you are interested in working at and with Lisk make sure you check out their careers page for more information about the positions and how you can apply for it.

People of Lisk – Instagram
About a month ago the official LiskHQ instagram went live, this week they added a new series to their page called “People Of Lisk”. In these posts Lisk team members will get up close and share some interesting fun facts about themselves. The team members get asked questions like : “What is your go-to karaoke song?” or “What is one accomplishment of which you are very proud?” to give the community a bit of a insight in the different personalities that make up the Lisk team.

Lisk wallet accepted onto the Apple App store
A couple of weeks ago delegate MrV who is part of the GDTpool created a mobile Lisk wallet app that works for both IPhone and IPad. This week that app made it onto the Apple App store and can now be downloaded for free. The app uses Lisk-js to sign all transactions on your device so your password is never sent over the network and therefore can be used safely. The creation of this app was sponsord by the GDTpool who yesterday announced that they will be sharing 100% of “gdtpool delegate” forged Lisk with all its voters once it gets in the top 101. After the release of the SDK this will be reduced to the earlier 90% share to fund new development projects. As of last night the “gdtpool delegate” has for the first made it into the top 101 and is currently forging, if you have not voted for the “gdtpool delegate” or the two newest GDTpool members Joo5ty and 5an1ty make sure you do so to get the maximum in voting rewards.

New useful tools on
As some of you might already have noticed Lisk.support has a brand new logo which was designed by team member japjaan. But that’s not all that’s new because we have also added some new useful tools to our site such as the Lisk pending vote payout, Lisk voting optimization and the Lisk real rank delegate monitor. The Lisk pending vote payout tool got a upgrade making it faster, more user friendly and even prettier. With Lisk pending vote payout you can exactly see how many LSK tokens are pending as a reward for your votes on certain delegates. If you are not sure if your votes are getting you the maximum possible in rewards, then the Lisk voting optimization tool can help you check this and advice you where to adjust votes when needed. The last added tool is the Lisk real rank delegate monitor that was created by delegate Index. This is an enhanced monitor that can give you extra information about each delegate and how they are performing. More new tools such as a notification app, community chat and polls are currently under development to help make Lisk.support to go-to website for all your Lisk needs.

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22/10/2017 written by Lisk Community member E1337 (https://lisk.chat/direct/E1337)



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