November 5th, 2017

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Two New Team Members
This week Lisk announced the hiring of two more team members, Michael Borowiec was hired as a marketing manager and Yair Etziony will be working as a QA (Quality Assurance) engineer. After these two latest additions, the Lisk team now consists of 26 people, but Lisk is still looking to hire more people before the end of the this year. At the moment Lisk is still looking for new team members in the design, software engineering and the operations department.

Updated Ambassador Program And Local Meetup Initiative
A couple of days ago, Lisk released a blog post in which they announced an update on the Lisk Ambassador Program and Local Lisk Meetup Initiative. The Lisk ambassador program will continue, but with some major changes. First of all the Lisk ambassador program will now be open for anyone committed to hosting local meetups, secondly there can now be more then 1 Lisk ambassador per country. Lisk is making these changes because they would like to give more Lisk enthusiasts the opportunity to become more active, whether it be on social media channels or as hosts of Lisk meetups in their community. Lisk wants the Lisk Ambassador program to be more inclusive and scalable, so that anyone working on spreading Lisk awareness can be called a Lisk ambassador.  The Lisk team also made some changes to improve the local Lisk meetup initiative. They have created a set of guidelines to make it easy for anyone to host a successful Lisk meetup. By following the Lisk meetup guidelines you are directly involved in helping maintaining high-quality standards for all Lisk meetups globally. The guidelines are providing tips on how to get your meetup sponsored, what to prepare before the day of the meetup as well as steps to take after the meetup.

Block Reward Reduction
In about 12 days the first Lisk block reward reduction will take place. When block 4451520 is forged the reward for forging a block will be reduced from 5 LSK to 4 LSK. The forging rewards will keep going down until in the 5th year the rate will be at 1 LSK reward per block. By the 5th year the inflation of the LSK token will have gone down from 15.77% to 2.19% and the rewards will stay at 1 LSK per forged block in the years after that.

Coincodex Listing
This week LSK got listed at Coincodex. On this site you can monitor the LSK price in real time and find all the sites where LSK is being traded on. The site also features other information about Lisk and the LSK token, such as the release date, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) price and the ROI (Return on Investment) if you invested during the ICO.

Lisk Community Meetup
This Sunday afternoon the very first Rotterdam Open Source Meetup will be hosted by delegate Joo5ty. This week the attendee cap for the meetup has been increased due to the high amount of people showing interest, so if all who RSVP’d show up, there will be around 75 people.  There will also be a full recap blog post in the days after the meetup so that the people who could not attend can still learn what was talked about.

Joo5ty is Now Forging
First of all the team would like to congratulate the founder of this site Joo5ty on making it into the top 101 and becoming a forging Lisk delegate. Secondly, on behalf of joo5ty the team likes to thank all who voted for Joo5ty and in that way showing support for all the work he has been doing in the last few months. Since Joo5ty is now actively forging he can start rewarding the people that voted for him. At the moment he is sharing 40% of his rewards in the following way : 5% will be rewarded to voters via GDTpool, 25% via a private pool and 10% to development scholarships.
We are happy to announce some new additions to, first of all the site now features a video page that contains all the best Lisk related videos. Secondly, we have added another tool called the Lisk voting manager. The voting manager can help you vote quicker and more efficiently, with just 1 press of a button you can select a entire pool or select the payout optimized option to get the most rewards in return for your votes. When you are finished, send the changes to Lisk Nano by clicking the buttons below in sequence. You will then get an overview of the votes you are sending in Nano before you actually submit the votes. You will of course need to have Lisk Nano installed before you can make use of the Lisk voting manager tool. This tool is made by 5an1ty and alepop. To support their awesome work, consider voting for them!
The team would also like to thank mid US Lisk ambassador Stellardynamic and liskUSA for their donation to the team and showing their recognition and appreciation for our community work.


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