November 12th, 2017

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Lisk Community Meetup – Rotterdam
Last Sunday, the very first Dutch/Belgium Lisk community meetup was held in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Lisk delegate Joo5ty arranged a great location and plenty of food and beverages for the attendees. Also, Thomas from Lisk HQ was one of the attendees and he did a good talk on Lisk developments. A video of the meetup will be posted on our website at a later time! 

Blockchain-Labo Conference
This week Max Kordek was in Tokyo (Japan) to attend the first Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference that was hosted by Blockchain Labo. During the conference, Max was part of a panel of 8 blockchain thought leaders that discussed the future of the blockchain in front of a crowd of over 2000 people. Max also gave a presenation on Lisk and luckily for us one of the attendees of the conference decided to film the presentation and posted it on YouTube afterwards. Thank you for this and by doing so giving the Lisk community a chance to watch the presentation.

Lisk Community Meetup – Seoul
This week there also was a Lisk community meetup in Seoul (South Korea) that gave an introduction to Lisk and the blockchain. The meetup had 40 attendees and gave an insight in how Lisk works, what problems it solves and how the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) voting system works. During the meetup the attendees also talked about the goals for the Lisk Seoul community but more information about this will be released in the future.

Lisk Berlin Meetup
On the 22nd of November the last official LiskHQ meetup of this year will be held in Berlin (Germany). Most likely this will also be the last LiskHQ meetup at the WeWork Sony Center as Lisk will be moving into a bigger office that will offers more space for all the newly hired employees. During the meetup there will be a number of speakers, Max Kordek will start of with an introduction after which the Lisk marketing team will give an overview of recent events. This is followed by the Lisk development team that will provide some updates on product development. Although the Lisk team will not reveal the Lisk rebranding during the meetup, they will be sharing important news and the date of the rebranding launch. This last meetup will have a maximum capacity of 150 people so if you would like to join make sure to arrive on time, because once the maximum capacity is reached, the Lisk team will not be able to allow anyone else in anymore. If you can not make it to the meetup you can still watch it live on the LiskHQ YouTube channel.

The Lisk Insider
A couple of days ago Lindsay of the Lisk marketing team made a post on Reddit announcing the new bi-weekly newsletter called “The Lisk Insider“. You can now subscribe to the Lisk insider, by doing to you will get all the important Lisk news and will stay as up to date on Lisk as possible.

BlocStart Selections Lisk Video
The YouTube channel BlocStart Selections is making a video series dedicated to examining crypto projects in the way that matter. And out of all the cryptocurrency’s out there Lisk was selected as their first crypto project to be examined. The three and a half minute long video looks very professional and gives a lot of information about Lisk and how it will work in the future.

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