November 19th, 2017

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

First Block Reward Reduction
Another big Lisk milestone was reached on this Thursday with the first successful block reward reduction. Each of the 101 forging delegates used to get a reward of 5 LSK per forged block, after the forging of block 4,451,519 this reward changed to 4 LSK per block. This change in the reward per forged block also reduces the inflation of Lisk/LSK by 20%, the next reduction will take place in about a year from now and that will again reduce the block reward by 1 LSK. The rewards for forging blocks will keep going down until in the 5th year the rate will be at 1 LSK reward per block, after this it will always stay at 1 LSK per block.

Lisk Explorer 1.4.0
This week the Lisk team released Lisk Explorer 1.4.0 together with a blog post explaining all the updates and new features in this latest version. This new version of the Lisk explorer includes UX/UI enhancements such as peers statistics, network status and a search box. The team also managed to achieve a notable improvement in the load time of the explorer pages and components.

New LSK Price Record
It was a week of milestones for Lisk, three days ago for the first time ever, Lisk reached and passed the magical border of a billion dollar marketcap. The billion dollar marketcap was reached when the LSK price hit a new all time high price of $8.70. Not long after this LSK hit another price milestone by going into double figures for the first time ever and reaching a new all time high of $11.20. At the time of writing this LSK is at a price of  approximately $9.75 and seems to have some strong support around the $8 mark.

Be Aware of Lisk Scam Sites
Once again the importance of using the Lisk Nano wallet for your logins and transactions was made clear this week. Multiple scam sites have popped up trying to have users login and get a hold of their passphrases and then cleaning out the accounts. The scam sites most of the time use one or more different letters in the name of the site, for example using a llsk instead of lisk or ending with .eo instead of .io. One Lisk user fell for the scam and lost 215 LSK in the process. Luckily for him, Lisk team member Isabella was online on, and after some verifying she sent him 215 LSK to reimburse him for his loss. This good deed showed us once again that we have one of the best communities and teams out there. Also, LiskHQ immediately took action against the scam sites, the team is in contact with Google (for those scam sites serving search ads on Google). The team is in contact with the domain providers to take the sites down but this is hard seeing Lisk does not have a TM (trademark) yet. In the meantime, the team appreciates any help from the community to prevent any Lisk community members from getting scammed. So to be save always make sure you take a minute to check if you are on a official Lisk site and only login, vote and do transactions when using the Lisk Nano wallet.

LiskHQ Berlin Meetup – Livestream
On the 22nd of November the last official LiskHQ meetup of the year will take place in Berlin (Germany). During this meetup, the Lisk team will finally reveal the date of the long awaited Lisk rebranding as well as give updates on the progress they’ve made in the last couple of months. Seeing as the maximum capacity of a 150 attendees has already been reached, a lot of people will not be able to attend the meetup. Luckily for them there will be a livestream during the event. The livestream will most likely be on the official Lisk YouTube channel but make sure to keep an eye out for the correct link that will be posted on the LiskHQ Twitter page.

Lisk Google Trend
More and more people are starting to learn about Lisk each day. When you combine this with the upcoming meetup, the rebranding and the new price records then it won’t be a surprise that Lisk reached a score of a 100 on Google Trends this week: the highest score possible. updates
We have a new blog series on How to plan a dapp to build on Lisk. In this series delegate and team member Leon helps you to prepare and plan for the building of dapps on Lisk. So if you are interested in building a dapp on Lisk, make sure you read the first two posts and keep an eye out for next parts that will be published soon.

We would like to thank all of you for your great support of our website. We’ve had over a 1000 unique visitors each day for the last week, and we even hit the 2k+ once! We’d like to take this moment to thank our contributors again. So what are we working on? We’re pleased to announce that at this moment we’re working on a new tool which gives even more transparency to voting rewards payouts. We hope to launch a beta version in the upcoming week. We’re also completely recoding the website to make it even cleaner and faster! This is a huge project for us and will take some more work: weeks or maybe even months. Without you and our contributors, this was not possible! So thanks again and keep visiting our website for the latest news and awesome tools.

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