November 26th, 2017

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LiskHQ Berlin Meetup
This week it was time for the much anticipated LiskHQ meetup at the WeWork Sony Center (Germany). In the days and even weeks before the meetup everybody seemed to have different expectations, but one thing was for sure, we would finally get the date of the relaunch/rebranding. was represented by delegate Joo5ty who attended the meetup together with delegate 5an1ty and Elum, who you can all recognize by their cool T-shirts. The meetup started off with Thomas Schouten, the Lisk marketing lead, welcoming everyone to the meetup and thanking the Lisk community for it’s tremendous support. After this, Thomas started off with a short introduction on what Lisk is and what Lisk’s mission statement is : In a world where only developers with a very special profile can create blockchain applications, Lisk provides access, support and inspiration in the form of great tools to anyone who wants to realize the opportunity of blockchain technology. He then went over the current assets Lisk is holding, which are at the moment around $186 million. Of this $186 million, 48% is held in the LSK token, showing the team’s confidence in it’s own project.

After this, Lisk marketing manager, Lindsay Buescher, took the stage.  She started off by going over some of the community milestones Lisk has reached. These milestones include having almost 80.000 followers on twitter, being a trending subreddit, and a trending project on Github. After this, Lindsay thanked some important community Github contributors and gave shoutouts to, as well as delegate Stellardynamic, who is doing amazing work for Lisk in the USA. She then talked about how people can contribute to the Lisk ecosystem, the updates on the Lisk ambassador program, and the new Lisk community roadmap, which will be released in the near future. After this, Thomas again took the stage to talk about Lisk getting listed on Binance, (but more on this later in this post) the Lisk ecosystem and Lisk city, which team member Jaapjan wrote a great blogpost explaining in a easy way how it will work. The meetup then continued with full-stack developer Tobias Schwarz explaining how Lisk JS works and its future plans for the new year. After a small break, Thomas announced full-stack developer Will Clarck, who took to stage to explain Lisky, the Lisk command line tool and a important piece of the SDK (software development kit) toolbox. Now the time had come where everyone had been waiting for Max Kordek to take the stage. Max started off by thanking the attendees, the people watching via the livestream, and also the Lisk team. He then talked about the promise Lisk made in the beginning of 2016, to be a secure, useable, and excisable blockchain application for everyone in the world. Lisk wants the best user experience in the space to make a change and to get people into blockchain technology. Max then continued by talking about the Lisk Core roadmap, the development roadmap (more on this later in this post) and the release of Lisk Core 1.0 at the end of this year. After which, he moved on to the SDK (software development kit) and explained that the SDK will not be just one tool but a collection of many great tools, a sort of toolbox to help developers build on Lisk. Max then went on to explaining the Lisk desktop/web app, custom tokens, and the decentralized exchange. The decentralized exchange will be a place where everyone will be able to buy into the many tokens that are going to be created though sidechain projects in the future. It was now time for the part that most people had tuned in for, the Lisk relaunch/rebranding.  Max started off with announcing the discontinuing of Lisk Nano and Explorer. Instead of having them as two separate things, they will in the future be merged in the Lisk desktop/web app, a totally new Lisk product. Then the relaunch/rebranding date was finally announced to be the 20th of February 2018, which for many people came as a bit of a disappointment. Luckily, Max immediately started explaining why the relaunch/rebranding had been delayed. Lisk wants the best quality, and if something is not as good as the team wants it to be they would rather start over then deliver something not up to standards. He then told more about the relaunch on the 20th of February, which will be a big event comparable to a apple keynote. Max finished off the meetup by going over the development roadmap one more time and explaining that Lisk will have it’s own science team and is also planning on hiring many new people in 2018.

Lisk on Binance
This week the Chinese exchange Binance announced the listing of Lisk.  The following trading pairs are available – LSK/BTC, LSK/ETH and LSK/BNB. The last pair is the possibility to trade LSK for Binance Coin (BNB), the sites very own token. Binance is a very young exchange that has only been running for 4 months, but already is in the top 10 of cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange started with a successful ICO (initial coin offering) back in June of this year, and now already offers over 70 BTC trading pairs.  They are in 180 countries and have over 600.000 users. The unique feature of Binance is that they offer a 50% deduction of the trading fee if you choose to trade using their BNB token. The CEO of Binance said the following about Lisk : “We like the strategic approach of Lisk’s result-driven team and growing community. We believe the collective efforts of focused projects like this are necessary to move the blockchain industry forward”.

The New Development Roadmap
During the LiskHQ meetup the new development roadmap was presented and explained to the Lisk community. On this roadmap we can see that by the end of this year the highly anticipated Lisk Core version 1.0 will be released, as well as the creation of Lisk’s very own science team. Some other big releases that will still happen this year will be the releases of Lisk JS 1.0 and Lisky 1.0, followed by versions 1.1 and 2.0 in the next year. As mentioned before, Lisk Nano and Lisk explorer will be discontinued in the new year and replaced by the Lisk desktop/web app. In the next three months, the team will of course also focus on putting the finishing touches on the Lisk relaunch/rebranding event. Another major event on the roadmap is the new fee and address system.  At the moment, many people notice that the fees (0.1 LSK) for transferring LSK are already getting high dollar wise. This will be changed in the first quarter of 2018. In the new year Lisk will continue to hire more people to join the team. At the moment, Lisk is looking for 2 frontend QA, 2 frontend developers, 1 backend QA, 5 backend developers, 1 software architect, and 1 project manager. In the first half of 2018, Lisk will also expand the new science team to a total of 5 people. As you can see, it is no wonder that Lisk will be moving into a bigger office space soon. In about a half years time from now Lisk will start having custom tokens and give people the opportunity to register a dApp. At this time, the team will also be working on the blockchain application’s platform as well as dApp management. At the end of 2018, the decentralized exchange will be released and people will be able to withdraw/deposit from or to a sidechain.

Lisk Relaunch/Rebranding
After the relaunch date (the 20th of February) was announced, Thomas took the stage to talk about how and where the relaunch event will take place. The Relaunch event will be held in Berlin at the Old Mint, which was an old coin manufacturer. The location is big enough to host 200 to 300 people, but my guess is that the event will be maxed out not long after the signup page is opened. During the event the Lisk community will hear all the details of the relaunch process from the Lisk team and it’s partnering agencies. And of course, the team will showcase the improved platform, new brand identity, and website. For those who can not make it to Berlin that evening there will of course be another youtube livestream so that you do not have to miss out on anything.

LiskHQ Berlin Meetup – Livestream
The LiskHQ Meetup can also be watched live on youtube. Two hours prior to the event, the youtube channel already had 400 people waiting for the meetup to start. This number kept on growing and growing and once the meetup was on there where over 5500 people tuned in.  It was very exciting to see this amount of people showing interest and support for Lisk. If I remember correctly, the last LiskHQ meetup had “only” 350 people watching at it’s peak. What also stood out compared to the meetup in June was the quality of the livestream. This is because the team hired a professional video crew to record the meetup. I would say LiskHQ is on the right path because in just 4 months time the amount of livestream viewers went up 15 times and the visual and audio increased to a professional level of quality. This just shows how fast the Lisk community is growing and how the Lisk team is trying to do whatever they can to keep up with the growing demand.

LiskHQ Berlin Meetup – Review
After the announcement that the relaunch will take three more months, the price of the LSK token started to drop by almost 20% of it’s value in a hour. In the days that followed there where also a lot of posts on the Lisk subreddit in which people expressed their disappointment after the LiskHQ meetup.  But there also was a lot of positive feedback, one of which was a good review video on youtube called : Lisk Rebranding Announcement – Why is Lisk’s price falling?? In this video “The Coin Whisperer” explains why the price of LSK took a sudden fall after the meetup and what the positive parts where that some people might have overlooked. So if you have any doubts about Lisk after the meetup, make sure you watch this video and then see if you still think the same about it.
This week team member Leon released the next part of his series called : Planning to build a Dapp on Lisk. This part is all about “Competition Comparisons & Target Audience” In this edition Leon talks about points to think about when facing competition from other projects and who is your target audience. Leon uses a nice example of three crypto projects that are in the same market but still have some major differences in how they do things. This week we had another blog post release, this time by team member Jaapjan. After the LiskHQ meetup he wrote an excellent post called “Lisk city : the Lisk ecosystem explained“. In this post Jaapjan uses some easy to understand examples to further explain the Lisk ecosystem that Thomas Schouten talked about during the Berlin meetup.

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