December 3rd, 2017

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Lisk Nano 1.3.0 Release
This week the Lisk team released Lisk Nano version 1.3.0, this version has some new features and updates which make the Nano wallet even more user friendly. One of these new features is the saved accounts option, if you have two or more accounts Lisk Nano now provides the ability to save as many accounts as you wish. With multiple saved accounts you can quickly switch between them without the need to enter passphrases each time.  Version 1.3.0 also gives it’s users the possibility to send encrypted messages, you can encrypt a private message by using the recipient’s public key that can be found on Lisk explorer. When the recipient receives the encrypted message, they can then decrypt and read it using Lisk Nano. Because the team is always working on improving the security and user experience of Lisk Nano there will often be small or big updates. Thanks to the adding of the new version notification, you will now always know when a new version of Lisk Nano is available for download.

Expand Online Visites Berlin
Back in October Lisk announced it’s collaboration with Expand Online. Expand Online is a award-winning digital marketing agency that advises Lisk and expedites the implementation of various online marketing activities to help Lisk pioneer the industry. After Thomas Schouten and Lindsay Buescher made the trip to Rotterdam (the Netherlands) back in October it was now time for the Expand Online team to visit Lisk in Berlin. The Expand Online team gave the Lisk marketing department a all-day workshop in which they discussed Lisk’s objectives and the ways in which Lisk can reach their future marketing goals. More information about this meetup and what Expand Online is and will be doing for Lisk in the future will most likely be presented during the relaunch on the 20th of Februari.

New Lisk Team Members
Two days ago Lisk announced yet another expansion of the team on their twitter. Because the Lisk team has grown so much this year and will continue to grow Lisk has hired human resources manager Andries. Lisk also hired a new back-end developer by the name of Michał. Lisk did not forget about it’s ever growing community either because next week there will finaly be a new Lisk community manager named Mat. He wil spent a lot of his time in the Liskchat helping people out, listening to what the community would like to see from the Lisk team and he will hopefully provide us with a lot of updates on the progress that the team is making. Last but not least motion designer Julian was hired, a motion designer is someone who makes his designs come to life by using graphic design. So I think we can expect some really cool Lisk animations and designs at the relaunch event and in the future.

Max Kordek’s Blockchain Presentation at
This week Max Kordek (President, Lisk Foundation) gave a keynote speech on “Bringing value to the internet – a Berlin blockchain hotspot perspective” at 2017. is Europe’s interactive business festival for digital movers and makers. brings together key players of Europe’s leading industries, politics and 500+ startups in a unique environment to discuss, shape and experience the digital transformation. In his presentation Max explains what the blockchain is and why it’s technology is so revolutionary and can change our everyday lives. Max then continues his presentation by talking about how value can be added to the internet by providing all kind of services that blockchain companies can provide. He ofcourse also spoke about Berlin being one of the hotspots of the world when it comes to blockchain technology and new startups. So if you are interested in blockchain and it’s technology or just want to learn more about it then make sure you watch this short presentation.
The development team of is working hard on the new site that will be released in the near future, but they did find time to bring you yet another great Lisk tool. The Lisk Total Payouts tool will the calculate total payouts from all known Lisk individual and group pools your Lisk address has earned.  You just enter your Lisk adress and press submit, the tool will then show you all the LSK payouts you have received as a reward for your Lisk delegate votes. You can then select a wide range of statistics like overall payout – by month, by delegate, delegate pools or individual payouts and even a data range like the last three months or half year. This week we also have a new edition of Leon’s series : Planning to build a Dapp on Lisk, this week it’s all about seed round funding and the use of the funds. In a few steps and with the help of some simple examples Leon gives you some advice on how to raise funds and how to manage them.

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