February 4th, 2018


Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Huobi.Pro Launches Lisk

This Friday we got the amazing news that the Elite delegate group had managed to get Lisk listed on Huobi.Pro.  Huobi.Pro is a creative digital asset exchange, which is based in Singapore.  It is also one of the biggest crypto exchanges of China. It services global traders and provides a trade and investment service for 25 different digital assets. The exchange officially announced that starting the 3rd of February trading of LSK would be available to their customers in the following pairs : LSK/BTC and LSK/ETH. This listing is a great achievement, which could not have been done without a lot of effort and dedication to the Lisk project by the Elite group. The Lisk.support team would like to thank and congratulate the Elite delegate group on this milestone and we hope to see many more great things of them in the future.

Lisk Boulder Meetup

Yesterday evening the second edition of the Lisk Boulder Blockchain meetup was held in Colorado. The meetup was once again hosted by Jackson Roberts (the founder of the Moracle project) in association with delegate StellarDynamic and Liskusa. The focus of the meetup was on the use-cases of blockchain technology in everything from government finance to music distribution. A report on how the meetup went and how many attendees it had can most likely be found on the Liskusa website later this week.

LiskHQ Moves To A New Office

This last Wednesday was a special one as it would be LiskHQ and Lightcurve’s last day at the WeWork Sony Center in Berlin. After spending the last 18 months working out of this office, making friends, meeting new people, and seeing the team grow from 3 to 34 employees, it was time for Lisk to move into their new temporary WeWork office. Here, LiskHQ will continue to welcome new colleagues and make new memories. The move did not seem to affect the productivity of the team as they wasted no time and got back to work as soon as possible. The backend team was back to writing code for Lisk Core 1.0 in no time while the frontend developers continued testing the new website and wallet.

Japan Character Competition

This week LiskHQ announced that they are organising a Japan character competition. You can submit your official Lisk mascot ideas to LiskHQ on Twitter along with the hashtag LiskRelaunch. Make sure you let your creativity flow because the winners will get some brand new (relaunched) Lisk merchandise. The entry for the competition will close on February 20th and LiskHQ will announce the winners the week after.

BitFlyer Listing Lisk

This Wednesday the biggest Japanse exchange BitFlyer also officialy announced that Lisk is now supported on their altcoin market. The adding of LSK to BitFlyer also ment a new LSK to fiat trade option, as the LSK token will be bought and sold on Bitflyer by using the Japanse Yen (JPY). In 2017 BitFlyer had a global transaction volume of more then $100+ billion and it has the highest trade volume in Japan. BitFlyer is also planning to release BitFlyer USA, after having received the regulatory approval of the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) in November of 2017. The adding of the LSK token to BitFlyer caused a major price to spike from 0.00210959 to 0.00359011 BTC/LSK, the Lisk fiat price went from $21 to a high of around $36. It is great to see that Lisk’s exposure in Japan and all off Asia keeps growing and that the Lisk Asia Tour of last year is starting to pay off.

Lisk Seoul Meetup

This week Ty Diamse hosted a Lisk Blockchain meetup in Seoul China. The meetup was all about a very important topic which some people seem to overlook sometimes namely : how to protect your cryptocurrency and ways to secure your private keys safely. We all know that there are many solutions out there to secure your cryptocurrency, and there is no one size fits all solution. During the meetup Ty shared the risks of each solution and explained that everyone should find a solution that matches their personality, technical ability, and level of interest in securing your own money. The meetup also featured a $300 Lisk giveaway (made possible by the Lisk Elite Group) and the attendees received an update on the latest news and announcements regarding Lisk the blockchain application platform.  With 30 people in attendance, and some walking away with some Lisk tokens, the meetup can yet again be counted as a successful Lisk community hosted meetup.

Lisk Cute Assistant

The Lisk Cute Assistant is a Telegram bot which was built by delegate Carbonara. The assistant enables its users to safely manage their node from anywhere, remotely and just using Telegram. Every minute the bot checks if the block height of the targeted node matches with the block heights of the other nodes. If not, it sends a message to the user. The Lisk cute assistant doesn’t perform any kind of automatic operation besides checking the health of the node/server. E.g. if your node forks, it will not automatically fix it, but instead it will give you the possibility of rebuilding the node from telegram, after executing the authentication. This bot is a great tool for delegates to use while they are away from home and will help them to faster detect possible node problems. So if you are running a node make sure you check out the Lisk cute assistant by Carbonara.


We are proud to announce that Lisk.support has launched a very easy to use forum that has many advantages over Reddit such as :

– Topic categories
– Rich text support
– Support for image/Youtube/Poll/etcetera
– Easy search features
– User activity statistics, notifications, badges, avatars
– Personal Messaging
– Like and Social Link options
– Post statistics, bookmarks, etc.
– Our general website translator also works on the forum postings

So far we have had major adoption within just a couple of days hundreds of new users joined our forum. There is a lot of Lisk information to be found on the forum. If you are looking for specific information be sure to use the search option on the top right of the website.

The 2 most popular topics so far are:
– Joo5ty’s bet the give away free tshirts if LSK reaches $100 in february 2018
– A $500 worth of Lisk price to one of the forum users that send a reply to this post: https://forum.lisk.support/t/win-500usd-worth-of-lsk/306/

We have also created a dedicated Topic sections for Japanese & Korean Lisk owners. We hope to welcome our friends from the east and don’t mind everybody writing in their native language.

We are currently also looking into a translator function for the forum.

Win $500 Worth of Lisk

To promote our new Lisk.support forum we are giving away $500 worth of Lisk! All you have to do to enter the draw is sign up to the forum, and leave us a reply together with your wallet address. A random winner will be selected and announced on the 11th of February. The prize has been provided by delegate Joo5ty the founder of Lisk.support and member of the GDT pool.  We hope that the community will enjoy this new forum and please let us know what you think of it!

Current market view

This week we would also like to help people understand the current market view. As with all commodities speculation can drive prices to huge levels. The blockchain revolution has these same cycles. There is a very good talk by Don Tapscott that explains, with blockchain, humanity is entering the fourth industrial revolution. Don’t panic by these pullbacks. Blockchain is here to stay. Get ready for the next bullrun to new All Time Highs. Like Max Kordek predicts we will see hundreds of thousands of ICO’s/tokens released in the next couple of years. This time it will be important to focus on projects that work on good solutions, has a good businessplan, a great team and is well funded. Be sure to do you research, but to us it seems LiskHQ checks all the boxes.

Let us know what you think about this weeks Lisk news roundup in the comments below!

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