December 24th, 2017

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Blockchain N00b Interview
In the last Weekly News Roundup I forgot to mention the interview Lisk co-founder Max Kordek had with the Youtube channel Blockchain N00b. The interview starts off with Max explaining the problem Lisk is trying to solve and how Lisk is going to do this. After this Max continues by explaining how the Lisk sidechains will work in the future and what and how developers can develop on the sidechains. He also explains how the Lisk DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) works and talks about some people’s concerns of delegate cartel forming. The next topic of the interview is the network scalability and how many coins/tokens are struggling with that at the moment. After this Max and the interview host talk about why there is delay in the Lisk development and when the SDK (Software Developement Kit) will be released. The interview finishes off with some questions about the Lisk team and Max answering questions of the people watching the livesteam of the interview. If you have not watched this interview yet then make sure you do, it gives a lot of information and can answer a lot of questions if you might have them.

Lisk Community Assets
This week the Lisk team made a Twitter post reminding the community to get involved in Lisk. At the moment Lisk has almost 200.000 LSK in community assets, these funds will unlock at the end of 2018 and will be used to accelerate innovation within the Lisk network. One of the other things the community assets will be used for, is to establish a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in the long run in order to give control of the Lisk Foundation to the community. This will ensure decisions are being made democratically. In the future the Lisk team will continue to provide more regular updates on the Lisk community assets.

Lisk Chat Update
Last Wednesday the Lisk team released a blog post in which they announced a update to the One of these updates is the adding of some new channels to the, such as the ambassadors channel which is open for all information and guidance on planning Lisk meetups/events in your local area. Another new channel will be the Lisk projects channel here you can organize/collaborate and grow your project ideas. Last but not least there will also be a special helpdesk channel, in this channel everyone of all knowledge levels about Lisk can get questions fielded quickly by the rest of the Lisk community and LiskHQ team. These new channels will be added to the in January of 2018. The blog post also gives the Lisk community a short introduction of who the moderators are and where they are from. Last but not least the Lisk team wants to let the community know that they appreciate the amazing feedback they received, and that they have reworked the rules and guidelines to ensure the code of conduct is clear for everyone. So make sure that you read the updated code of conduct, this will also help in making the life of the moderators a bit easier.

Lisk Core 0.9.11 and Lisk Nano 1.3.1.
This week the Lisk team released both Lisk Core 0.9.11. and Lisk Nano 1.3.1. A lot of people where expecting and waiting for Lisk Core version 1.1.0 but in a Reddit thread co-founder Max Kordek responded to why it was not yet deliverd. He first explained that some changes where made by the team in order to deliver 1.0.0 sooner and most importantly better for the future. The reason for the changes is that the old concept was moving too much to the database level which would have removed a great deal of flexibility for the Blockchain Application development platform later on. Now, with the new architecture planned by the whole Lisk team and Oliver, the team will keep as much as possible in the application layer. This makes it much easier to handle, a lot faster to develop and more future-proof. Max continued by saying he loves the change and he thinks it’s definitely the right direction. This is why the team decided to release Lisk Core version 0.9.11, it has a focus on security and it also allowed the team to clean up a few things. Max ended the responce by announcing that Lisk Core version 1.0.0 will go into testing early 2018. The team also released Lisk Nano version 1.3.1, this version has a new feature called the account initialization. From this version onwards, account holders with no public key cemented in the Lisk blockchain will be reminded by the account initialization to activate a transaction to add this additional layer of security.

Lisk Security Reminder
A couple of days ago the Lisk team released a blog post called : Lisk’s Holiday Security Reminder. With this post the team would like to remind the Lisk community how to best secure your account and stay safe. The post starts off with the basics about the Lisk addresses, every Lisk account consists of a private and a public key, commonly known as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The private key is being derived from the passphrase generated during the account creation process. The public key is then generated from the private key, which in turn is used to create a Lisk address. In the blog post you can find examples of what each of the addresses named will look like. The blog post also further explains the new Lisk Nano security feature “account initialization” and how the Lisk Core 0.9.11 update improved the users safety, code quality and network reliability. Due to the many fake websites/wallets disclaimers showing up recently the Lisk team also once again wants to point out that the Lisk community should be extremely careful where they type in their passphrase. You should only make use of the official Lisk Nano wallet downloaded from the official website.  You should never trust any third party wallet provider and always be careful not to accidentally visit phishing websites.

New All Time High
Earlier this week the fiat price of the LSK token reached a new all time high of around $18.50, breaking its former price record of $11.20. After a small correction the price then continued to soar in the days that followed and reached a high of $27.37. It is amazing to see how the price of the LSK token and the Lisk team and community have grown over 2017, I am positive that 2018 will have much more great things in store for Lisk and its community.
Last Tuesday team member Tonyt908 implemented a update to our Lisk Pending Vote Payout tool. This update increased the loading speed of the payouts per Lisk delegate by a huge amount. It now just takes around 10 seconds to find out how much LSK are pending for payout for each different delegate or pool that you voted for. We are also pleased to announce that the developers got all our Lisk tools working on the new updated site that will be released to the community soon.

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  1. Najlepszy zespół o jakim czytałem. Od dawna inwestuje w ten zespół i nigdy się nie zawiodłem. Inwestowaniem i będę inwestował w ich program. Życzę powodzenia.

  2. Panowie co dziennie otwieram waszą stronę. Proszę was o codzienne info na temat waszej pracy. To byłaby świetna sprawa. Od dawna inwestuje w wasz zespół. I namawiam niedowiarków. Dziś, kiedy pokazuje im profity z zainwestowanych pieniędzy w LISK miny mają nietęgie. Dziękuję wam za waszą pracę.

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