December 31st, 2017

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Liskmas Video
The Lisk team is working hard but they never forget to have some fun once in a while. This week the team released a video called : It’s beginning to look a lot like Liskmas! The video gives us a peek inside the soon to be replaced working space of LiskHQ and as you can see the team was getting in a festive mood. The LiskHQ team is wishing the Lisk and entire crypto community happy holidays.

Growing Lisk Network
As we all know Lisk has grown immensely in 2017, not only has the price of the LSK token increased but more importantly the community is now bigger and stronger then ever. Over the last couple of months more and more people have been getting to know the Lisk project and are using the LSK token. This growth can also be seen in the Lisk network which this last month processed over 16% of all transactions since the genesis block back in May of 2016. We can only wait and see which new heights Lisk will reach in the 2018.

Lisk 2017 Review Video
This week the team released a Lisk 2017 review video in which the founders of Lisk Max Kordek (CEO) and Olivier Beddows (CTO) review what Lisk and its team have accomplished in this last year. One of these accomplishments is the way the Lisk team has grown. The Lisk team consisted of 3 people at the start of 2017 to now having 30 fulltime team members as of December. This is also why LiskHQ has decided its time to move from the WeWork Sony Center to a new workspace which is twice as big.  In May of 2018 the team will then again move to a even bigger office where there will be room for up to a 160 people. Not only the LiskHQ team grew over 2017 but so did the Lisk community,  the Lisk Twitter account now has over a 140.000 followers and the Lisk sub Reddit has over 22.000 subscribers.  Another thing Lisk can be proud of is the community involvement, there have been 27 Lisk Meetups all around the world in 2017 of which 6 where LiskHQ meetups.  Max also looks back on the Lisk Asia tour and the great support and responce they got from the Lisk Asia community. Max and Oliver round up the video by talking about what is in store for 2018 such as a Lisk science team, a dynamic fee system, the new Lisk address system and the further growth of Lisk.

Google Trends and Lisk Price Correlation
Google trends is a Google service which with the use of graphs and scores gives insight into when and how many times a certain word has been searched for on Google. When we look at Lisk on Google Trends we can see that the graph has a huge correlation with the LSK token price movement.

Follow Lisk on Social Media
The Lisk team is very active on social media but did you know that LiskHQ is active on 12 different social media platforms. Lisk for example has its own Twitter, sub Reddit, Gitter, Rocketchat, Github, Youtube, Instagram and many more. If you don’t want to miss out on any of the Lisk news or updates then make sure to start following Lisk on some of these platforms.
The team is proud to announce that the newly upgraded site is now live. Like some of you already know, the developers have been working hard on the new website for the last few months. But why was it time for a upgrade? The old website was becoming slow and a code spaghetti was not user friendly for our content creators. And because like Lisk wants to keep growing and keep the website fast for its visitors, this was a needed step.  What have we changed? The developers have entirely rebuilt the website from scratch without any themes or heavy plugins, but still managed to make it user friendly for the content creators by integrating our own code into WordPress. We also thought about the future of and we’ve decided that Lisk news is becoming our main daily content together with media, like videos from famous crypto YouTubers and of course our own Lisk tools! We have a lot of ideas for new features and things to make the website even better and prettier in the future. We will continue to work on the website and your input is highly valuable for us, so if you have any feedback, please let us know by replying or sending us an email! To celebrate this new website, we are giving away 500$ worth of LSK tokens (sponsored by delegate Joo5ty) to one lucky winner! All you have to do is fill in a contact form, no voting for a specific delegate and no extra chances for the total LSK you own: everyone has the same chance of winning! Check out our latest blog for more info. Good luck and happy holidays from the entire team.

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