February 11th, 2018


Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Instagram T-shirt Giveaway

To promote the Lisk Relaunch event LiskHQ is hosting a T-shirt giveaway on Instagram . All you have to do to win a T-shirt is like the giveaway upload on the official LiskHQ Instagram page and tag one of your friends in the comments.  After the Relaunch event on the 20th of February five random winners will be chosen and will receive a brand new Lisk T-shirt. So try your luck, tag a friend help in spreading Lisk awareness!

New Lisk Employees

It is once again time to welcome some new talent to the LiskHQ team. As mentioned in a earlier weekly roundup,  Socketcluster founder Jon Gros-Dubois has joined Lisk as a backend developer.  We also welcome Bart Stassen who is working at Lisk as a designer/illustrator. And if you are active in the Lisk.chat then you might already seen his name pop up quitte a lot of times. I am ofcourse talking about the new Lisk community manager Jan, who together with Mat will help the Lisk community on a day to day basis with questions and all other things Lisk related. Last but definitely not least we like to welcome Shusetsu to the team, he will be working at Lisk as a full stack developer. As always a further introduction of these new employees will be posted on the LiskHQ blog soon.

The Lisk Relaunch

This Friday LiskHQ released a new blog post about the Lisk Relaunch event that takes place on the 20th of this month. A total of 500 lucky people, comprised of community members, journalists, and other blockchain pioneers will be attending the event. And as we all know and have seen the LiskHQ team is working very hard  during the days, nights and even the weekends to make the relaunch event a once in a lifetime experience. Like the last time the event will be livestreamed on Lisk’s Youtube channel but this time there will be six cameras to capture every moment.  Also the keynote will this time be embedded into the livestream to ensure the best possible quality for the people watching from all around the world. What can we expect during the Lisk Relaunch event? The event will have a array of presentations , individual keynotes, videos and a panel discussion focusing on the development of Lisk.  Lisk co-founder Max Kordek will speak about Lisk’s vision for the future , the hiring strategy, a business update and give a review of the current financial status of Lisk. Along with Rlevance Lisk will present their brand strategy of which the new Lisk logo is one of the most significant visual components of the new identity. In addition Lisk will present the new design, UI and UX strategy and reveal the new website and Lisk App, which includes the Lisk wallet and explorer.  The relaunch will also debute the Lisk Academy which will be an educational one-stop shop, it will provide people with all they need to understand about the various aspects of blockchain technology and its real life applications. This is a very important debute as Lisk is all about enabling people and accelerating the adoption of blockchain. Although the Relaunch will be focused on the new Lisk brand, the Lisk team will take the opportunity to elaborate on their product development. Many things are about to happen since they are nearing the release of Core 1.0, the most important release since the very beginning of Lisk. The whole team is working tirelessly and this is not going unnoticed on GitHub. I think that I can speak on behalf of the entire Lisk.support team if I say that we can not wait for the 20th and we are sure it is going to be an amazing experience!

Vote for Lisk

As we all know Lisk has a great and very involved community. At the moment there are multiple voting contests where we as a community can show our support and help Lisk reach the number one spot.  The first voting contest is at Bitindia, where they have compiled a list of 101 coins/tokens on which the community can vote. The voting session will decide the addition of 5 Coins/Tokens which received the maximum votes. At the moment Lisk is at the top of the list with 59426 votes and 10.06% of all the casted votes, but the top three is close with each having around 10%. Per email address you are allowed to vote up to 3 coins/tokens and the voting is totaly free of charge. The voting deadline is : 2018-02-12 11:59 AM GMT so if you have not voted yet or have multiple email address please use them and lets keep Lisk at the number one spot.
The second place where you can vote for Lisk is at eucoin.io. This is a new European based exchange, which is currently hosting a poll to see which coins they should list. To vote you first click the “I am not a robot” captcha and then you scroll down to the bottom of the page.  There you will see : “Vote on your favourite coin”, you then go to “other” and select Lisk then you click sent and you are done. At the moment Lisk is in the second place with 7558 votes and closing in on the first spot so make sure you vote!
The third place where Lisk needs your support is at digax where they are hosting the first ever Cryptocurrency Cup. The competition is a tournament with a knock-out style where the public is the voting mechanism for scoring. The cup is currently at the group stages and Lisk has been placed in group A. Here it faces off against Ethereum, Ardor and Viacoin, so we have some heavy competition. With 2 days left to vote Lisk needs a lot of help from the community to enter the round of 16 and face off against the winner of group B.  Digax Ltd states that the competition in no way guarantees a listing on the platform and we offer absolutely no guarantees that any results from this competition will effect our listing intentions. All of the listings are still subject to our internal listings criteria which includes aspects such as technical and legal compliance.  The competition is just a fun way to find out which cryptocurrency the crypto community considers the best at the moment. Still it would be nice to see Lisk survive the first round and head to the final 16 so make sure you vote for Lisk.

Lisk Ascend

Lisk Ascend is a new delegate team of talented developers, system engineers, marketers, designers, trainers, course developers, and others seeking to utilize the Lisk network’s forging positions to enable them to apply their diverse skill-sets to make consistent and substantial contributions to the Lisk ecosystem, and to secure the Lisk network. Lisk Ascend has the core values which the Lisk community has been looking/asking for such as :

– Making consistent and substantial contributions to the Lisk ecosystem.
– A delegate’s contributions to the Lisk ecosystem should be easily discernible by the Lisk community.
– Delegate pools should not occupy more than 50% of forging positions on the Lisk network.
– Forging delegates should share at least 50% of block rewards with the forging delegate’s voters.
– Delegates should process voter share payments in a transparent manner and should not seek personal benefit from block rewards the delegate intends to donate to voters.

The special feature which Lisk Ascend has is the pledging of votes instead of changing them right away. Voters can signal support for Lisk Ascend without losing LSK. When Lisk Ascend obtains enough pledges to reach forging positions, voters can then vote for Lisk Ascend all at once, knowing that Lisk Ascend delegates will likely enter into forging positions quickly and be able to start sharing block rewards. Through this method, voters can avoid being penalized for voting for their favorite delegates. The Lisk Ascend Vote Pledge System requires voters to sign a message using Lisk Nano. This process helps ensure that the pledge total is accurate. By signing a message, the voter is able to prove that the voter controls the Lisk Address that is being pledged. After less then 2 weeks 129 accounts have pledged over 1.5 million Lisk  already. Lisk Ascend team member Kyle from Ohio also released a video in which he explains what Lisk Ascend’s is all about, what their mission is and how the pledging process works.  So if you are interested in seeing some new delegates reaching the top 101 then make sure you watch his video and visit the site.

Lisk Magazine

Lisk magazine is a new website which provides you with information about all that is happening in the Lisk ecosystem. The Lisk magazine project is supported by the Lisk Italian Group (LIG) and has a wide arange of articles which can get people who are new to Lisk up to speed on all that has been happening. The site also features some easy hotlinks to the various Lisk websites and tools such as the Lisk explorer, subreddit and our very own quickstart guide to Lisk. While reading an article on the Lisk magazine you can even keep an eye on the price of the LSK token as the site features a auto updating price ticker in the sidebar. The Lisk.support team would like to congratulate Lisk magazine and the LIG on this great project!


This week Lisk.support hosted yet another giveaway this time in the form of a treasure hunt. Delegate Joo5ty provided the giveaway with 50 LSK , and the goal of the treasure hunt was to find the 5 Lisk passphrases hidden on Lisk.support. Each passphrase connected to a Lisk wallet containing 5 LSK, the finder of the passphrase could as a bonus earn another 5 LSK by letting the community know he or she found it. This could be done by signing a message from their personal wallet after receiving their newly found LSK. The signed message read : “Look I found the lisk.support secret key !! And then share this message on the various Lisk social media platforms. The Lisk.support team was pleasantly surprised to see almost 200 people searching lisk.support for the hidden passphrases but most of all we where amazed by the speed in which people found the passphrases.  Within just 5 minutes the first key already found and within 30 minutes all 5 the keys where found and the Lisk tokens where claimed. The entire Lisk.support team would like to congratulate the winners and thank everyone who joined our giveaway, we are sure there will be more giveaways in the future!

Let us know what you think about this weeks Lisk news roundup in the comments below!

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