February 25th, 2018


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Lisk Relaunch Recap and Analysis

After the Relaunch the Lisk team was quick in releasing a blog post in which they recapped and analysed the evening of the Relaunch event. The Relaunch event brought 500 attendees to Berlin and at its peak had 12.500 people watching the Youtube livestream. The blogpost goes into all the individual presentations which where held by : Christian Vatter of Rlevance, Lisk Marketing Lead Thomas Schouten and Project Lead of the Lisk Academy Jacob Kowalewski. The recap then continues with the development panel discussion which was held after the individual presentations and Max Kordek his final presentation after that. In his presentation Max gave an update on the latest company financials and announced that Lisk would be expanding even more by hiring alot of new talented staff this year. The blog post contains alot of information so if you would like to relive the Lisk Relaunch or could not attend it then this is a good read.

Lisk Relaunch Aftermovie

Just two days after the event the Lisk Relaunch aftermovie was already released to the community. The video starts off with the people entering the venue and doing some networking, and I must say LiskHQ did a really good job on capturing the open and friendly fibe during the event. The aftermovie also contains some short interviews with members of the LiskHQ team and people attending the event. So if you have not watched the Lisk Relaunch aftermovie by now then make sure you so you can get a real feel for how amazing the event was!

The New Lisk Website

At the Relaunch LiskHQ announced that at 12.00 CET the next day the new website would be going live. We where sitting at a restaurant and to our suprise the website was already live at 11.45. We had ofcourse seen the first looks of the website the evening before but most things where still new. Something you immediately notice about the website is the clean look and the use of many different shades of blue combined with red and white. What also catches the eye is the amount of moving and visually changing features when you scroll though the site. One of the other most notable and important things about the new website is the amount of information and the user friendly approach in which this is displayed. Lisk’s mission is to make blockchain technology excisable and understandable for everyone around the world and with this website they are doing just that.

The site also has alot of cool new features one of which is the development activity. This shows you exactly how much time has passed since the last development update on Github took place. Something else that has been expanded in a major way is the information about the Lisk team. Once you click the team tab you will first see all the milestones reached by the Lisk team followed by the size of the team and the amount of people working in each department.  You can also click each individual team member to get some more information about where they are from and what their skillset consists off. Another new tab is the Lisk events tab, here you see a map with all the upcoming Lisk events all around the world. One of the most amazing parts of the website is The Lisk Academy which is a over 40.000 words educational platform on blockchain technology. The Lisk Academy was created to help anyone access the power of blockchain and the best part is that it is totally free of charge. The Academy is a great example on how serious Lisk is about their mission to make blockchain available for anyone. The last tab but also one of the most important ones is the Lisk Hub. This is the new name for the Lisk wallet, which had a total makeover and is even more user friendly then it already was. Where you first just created a wallet you are now creating a Lisk ID. By just moving your mouse or phone you create your personal Lisk avatar. Every Lisk ID has a unique avatar making wallets easy to recognize if you are using multiple ones.

Once you are done you are ready to move to the next step. In the past people have either lost or written down their passphrase in the wrong way and blamed LiskHQ for the loss of their funds. To prevent this from happening the wallet now has some new security features. After creating your Lisk ID you will see the following message : “I am responsible for keeping my passphrase safe. No one can reset it, not even Lisk.” You then have to use your mouse to drag the button saying : “I understand”. After doing this you can move on to the next step which is again a security feature to make sure that you write down the correct passphrase and keep it save. Before your passphrase is shown to you you will once again have to use your mouse to drag the bar across after which your passphrase apears. You then write down your passphrase and click : “Yes! it’s safe” and are then asked to fill in the two missing words of your passphrase.  After this you can enter your new wallet and see the new Lisk price graph, the Lisk explorer and much more. A final security feature in the Lisk Hub is the “Address timeout” which will log you out after 10 minutes if you happen to forget to do this. I could probably write 10 more pages about the new website but the best way to learn all about it is by going to the new site and see for yourself.

The Lisk Relaunch Event

Last Tuesday the time had finally come for the Lisk Relaunch to take place. Thanks to delegate Joo5ty the entire Lisk.support team had made the trip to Berlin to be part of Lisk history. A special blog post about our Lisk Relaunch experience will be released later this week. The Relaunch event started off with the amazing reveal of the new Lisk logo.  After which Max Kordek took the stage and gave quick introduction about blockchain technology and it not yet being very excisable and Lisk’s mission to change this. He then introduced Christain Vatter the founder of Rlevance one of the companies that helped Lisk in forming and finding their new identity and branding. Christain explained the process and some of the steps that where needed before they could create the new Lisk branding. Then Thomas Schouten the marketing lead of Lisk went on stage to reveal and explain the new Lisk website and app. He then went on to introduce the new product names and icons : Lisk Core, Lisk Elements, Lisk Commander and the Lisk Hub.

After this a video was shown which gave the Lisk community a first look at the new Lisk website. Thomas then explained why it was such a long process and what different phases the team had to go through. He then goes on to show the new website for the first time and explains its new features. Then it was time for the debute of the Lisk Academy which was introduced by the Academy lead Jacob Kowalewski. As I already wrote about the Academy earlier I will continue with the rest of the event. After a short break it was time for a development panel discussion with Thomas Schouten, Oliver Beddows, Iker Alustiza and Will Clarck. The subjects of the discussion where Lisk Core 1.0 and its expected release, the dynamic fee system and Lisk elements. After the panel Max Kordek again took the stage. Like I mentioned before Max gave an update on the companies financials and future spendings in the years to come. He also announced that the Lisk team would continue to grow and this year will atleast double from 40 to 80 employees. After recapping the evening Max then invited the entire Lisk team and all the companies that where part of the Lisk Relaunch process onto the stage. After thanking evreyone and announcing to the attendees that they would receive a Relaunch goodiebag it was time for “One more thing“.  After this the keynote ended and the attendees got the chance to talk to the Lisk team members and network with other Lisk community members.

Lisk is hiring

Lisk is once again looking for exceptional people to join their ever growing team in Berlin. At the moment Lisk has jobs available in the Software Engineering department, they currently looking for a Front End Developer, a Back End Developer, a Back End QA Engineer, a DevOps Engineer and a Front End QA Engineer. There are also some non developer jobs available such as a job as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator, Personal Assistant and another Cryptographer to join the Lisk science team. If you are interested in working for Lisk and have the desired skill set then make sure you apply and you might get the chance to work for one of the most promising projects in the Blockchain industry.


Like I mentioned before, later this week we will release the Lisk.support goes Berlin blog post, in which I write about our trip to Berlin where we attended the Lisk Relaunch event. You can however already check out the Lisk.support aftermovie which was created by our team member JayJay. We also like to announce we made a small chance to the Total Payouts tool.  This tool shows you the total payouts delegates you vote for made per month.  After you see the total amount payed out you can then hover over the bar of a certain month and see how much each delegate paid. The list of delegates you see then used to also contain delegates that did not make a payout that month. To make the tool even more user friendly we decided to remove the delegates which did not make a payout and by doing so give our users a better overview.

Let us know what you think about this weeks Lisk news roundup in the comments below!


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