March 4th, 2018


Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read.

Lisk Rebrand Interview

This Saturday Lisk’s marketing lead Thomas Schouten was interviewed by the Youtuber TheCryptoLark. Like always the interview starts with a short explanation by Thomas on what Lisk is and what they wish to achieve. During the interview Thomas first answers a few questions on the basics of Lisk such as : why Lisk uses Javascript and sidechains, how the Lisk ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering) and the Dex (Decentralized Exchange) will work, the Lisk Dpos (Delegated Proof of Stake) system and how Lisk will get its name known around the world. In the second half of the interview TheCryptoLark asks Thomas some more indept questions on for example how you made a cryptocurrency cool, the current Lisk fee structure, the Relaunch event and new website and the Lisk hiring process. The interview ends with a couple of questions about the Lisk foundation, Max his pioneers vault and how people can contribute and join the Lisk community. I personaly thought this once again was a good interview by Thomas and also credit to TheCryptoLark for coming up with wide arange of questions and topics. If you have not had a chance to watch the interview then make sure you soon!

Lisk’s DApps Changing Society

This week the crypto news website stocksgazette released a article on how Lisk’s DApps are changing society. The article features five future Lisk sidechain projects that development teams are already working on in order to bring a trustless and more efficient future to us. The first of these projects is the Sapiens project is a complete decentralized academic and certification system with an integrated courses marketplace. The second sidechain project is called Rencoin. This platform is a sidechain of the Lisk blockchain and aims to encourage children to learn by giving them an incentive of earning REN coins for their efforts. The third project featuring the article is Madana which was the first project to get funding out of pioneers vault. Madana is a platform designed to allow data producers like you and I to monetize this data without compromising our privacy. The newest confirmed Lisk sidechain is Brikbit which is a sidechain project that it plans to develop and manage real estate industry operations. The last project is Moosecoin which has their ICO up and running and  is aimed at providing every musician the chance to create his or her own business model.

Lisk Meetup’s

This week LiskHQ made the announcement that Tuesday the 6th of March will mark the first of many Lisk meetups to be hosted at universities around the world. The first university on the list will be of Wisconsin-Madison. The Lisk meetup will be hosted by Badger Blockchain and is going to be an introduction on Lisk’s blockchain application and what is in store for the future. If you would like to keep track off all the Lisk events and meetups that are coming up in 2018 then you can do so by going to the events page of the new Lisk website.

Intercom for Improved Customer Support

LiskHQ believes that a cryptocurrency’s community means everything, this is why they are always pushing for better feedback and support channels for its community. With the Lisk Relaunch and the website LiskHQ also released the new Lisk helpcenter. The helpcenter contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding the company, products and general troubleshooting. The new helpcenter even has a livechat where community managers Mat and Jan can help you directly with your question. For the creation of the helpcenter LiskHQ decided to go with with Intercom which is  a modern platform that allows for instant messaging between users and customer support representatives. Intercom allows Lisk to simplify the customer support process on both ends: for users seeking assistance and customer support representatives answering questions. For more information on the new Lisk helpcenter and the improved customer support I would suggest reading the blog post LiskHQ released earlier this week.

Coin marketcap

Last week LiskHQ was informed by Coinmarketcap that they have subtracted around 16 million LSK from the visible total token supply projected on their website. These 16 million LSK tokens are currencly all held in the wallets of the Lisk foundation, as well as those of co-founders Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows, bounty assets and advisors. While LiskHQ announced that they respect Coinmarketcap’s policy of not including these wallets they did remind the community that these funds are however not locked, or held. A significant portion of the tokens excluded by Coinmarketcap are funds that will be used for the betterment of the Lisk project. This includes for example the Lisk bounty programme and the pioneers vault initiative which pledged a total of 1.7 million LSK tokens from co-founder Max his personal funds for supporting projects built on the Lisk network. It is however also important to note that in the past Coinmarketcap has taken similar action with other major tokens so this subtraction was not limited to Lisk.

Lisk Relaunch Review

During the Lisk Relaunch event we got to Randell from the Youtube channel Crypto Love. He told us how he was going to release a video on the Relaunch and that he would have a with Lisk co-founder Max kordek. This video of the review and the interview is now available. Randell goes over each part of the new website and all the amazing new features it has. At around the 13.50 min mark of the video the interview with Max Kordek starts. The interview has a wide arange of subjects such as Lisk’s focus groups/country’s, how they plan to attract developers and ICO’s and their future. Max also talks about how Lisk and the team grew over the last 2 years, the Lisk foundation and how you can apply if you want to work for Lisk. As we all know Lisk is not the company to just release something this is why during the interview Max addresses the current situation in the cryptocurrency space. At the moment most of the projects and their community are pushing to get their product out there as soon as possible to see a higher price for their coins/tokens. Max explains that Lisk will never take this path and takes development and testing serious because they are in it for the long run. In the last part of the interview they talk about the long process of the Relaunch and finding Lisk’s new brand identity. So if you have a free 30 minutes then make sure you check out the Relaunch review and interview with Max Kordek by Crypto Love.

Lisk Wallpapers

With the Relaunch event and the release of the new website, LiskHQ released a number of new Lisk wallpapers. So if you are a true Lisk fan and community member then make sure you change your pc or phone’s background to one of these cool wallpapers!

New Lisk Ascend Referral Program

Lisk Ascend is a new delegate team of talented developers, system engineers, marketers, designers, trainers, course developers, and others seeking to utilize the Lisk network’s forging positions to enable them to apply their diverse skill-sets to make consistent and substantial contributions to the Lisk ecosystem, and to secure the Lisk network. The special feature which Lisk Ascend has is the pledging votes instead of changing them. Voters can signal support for Lisk Ascend without losing LSK. When Lisk Ascend obtains enough pledges to reach forging positions, voters can then vote for Lisk Ascend all at once, knowing that Lisk Ascend delegates will likely enter into forging positions quickly and be able to start sharing block rewards. Through this method, voters can avoid being penalized for voting for their favorite delegates. The Lisk Ascend Vote Pledge System requires voters to sign a message using Lisk Nano. Signing a message is a Nano feature and is completely safe to use and share. This process helps ensure that the pledge total is accurate. By signing a message, the voter is able to prove that the voter controls the Lisk Address that is being pledged.

Lisk Ascend has now released a new Referral Program in which you can earn LSK tokens by getting your friends to pledge for Lisk Ascend. In this referral  program Lisk Ascend is giving away up to 350.000 LSK tokens, once Ascend reaches forging position, you’ll not only receive your referral bonuses but also a 350% voter fee refund and a 50% block reward share. There are some rules to the refferal so make sure you read them, the most important one being : accounts with no transaction before 2018/02/26 18:25:40 (Lisk Block 5320774) are not eligible to participate in the referral program.

Currently Lisk Ascend has just passed the 3 million pledged LSK which was done by just 247 different Lisk accounts. This number puts them on 12.27% of their required goal to reach forging positions.

The team is proud to announce the release of the Lisk Browser Extension. This tool allows you to send payments with Lisk Nano, open the Lisk Explorer or Vote Manager page of a selected Lisk Address with the Context Menu in your browser.

After the Lisk Relaunch event we hosted yet another LSK giveaway. This time we asked our communitywhat the exact number of t-shirts you could spot during the LiskHQ Relaunch aftermovie. The entire team would like to congratulate on being the first to give the correct awnser of 7 t-shirts and by going so winning $100 worth of LSK tokens.

We recently released an in-depth interview with the Moosty team.  As mentioned earlier in this roundup, Moosecoin is a project aimed at providing every musician the chance to create his or her own business model. Moosecoin already has their ICO up and running so if you are interested in investing in future Lisk sidechain projects than make sure you take a look at Moosecoin.

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